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Sunday, November 6, 2011

#Churpout with Nuffnang at Chatime Publika Dutamas @ Eat Food Village

"There are always reasons to love something and for me to love Nuffnang and ChurpChurp is simply because they are fun, nice, and awesome for organizing such events of gathering and meeting people <3"-benjaminfoo
Looking for the place and saw these awesome people down here already! =)

EXCITED for Churpout and teatime with Nuffnang!

After registering we were given vouchers to spend on Chatime and the various food stalls in the awesome Eat Food Village, Publika Dutamas.

Immediately everyone lined up to get their favourite or rather most expensive Chatime drink haha!

So many different flavours were tested out that day and and i think we went for second or third round as well, it was definitely Chatime overdose!

While the Emcee kickstarted the event , our dear friend and epic blogger Mr. Tony was already eating!

Tony: who? who me?

Our lovely Nuffies and Churpies welcoming everyone and letting us know the agenda.
(with Mic= Anne, with flower themes dress = Mike/May Ying a new churpie, WELCOME!!!)

Sneaking in moments to try to capture all your wonderful people!

After the introduction they also have a mini game which groups of 4 need to figure out which chatime flavour it belongs to, there are 8 types, and guess what?

Thanks to Isaac, Sarah and Janet, our team "incredibles" Won by getting 5/8 correct. woooots

 With Richie on the left, the owner of this Chatime branch!

YES! i finally got the Churp plushie! finally my car has a plushie in it! YES! YES! YES!

Thanks again to ISAAC, SARAH and JANET!

After that we were just mingling and chatting and eating , CHURPING OUT literally if you might say.

Awesome Nuffies and Churpies , Anne, Yuen and Michelle ^^

What's a churpout without a epic group picture ei?

Everyone SMILE!!

After that we proceeded to order more food and chatted up till about 7pm.

The last of us , besides Submerryn who was chilling lovingly with her family at another table.



Qi Wen said...

wa... dapat hadiah! :D

Isaac Tan said...

awesome time!

now i have 2 churpies plushies in my bed. I wanted to put in car, but Janice don't let, and says it belongs in the bed. ><

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. All having Chatime drinks.. But weird, tony the first one to eat..

Unknown said...

nice shots. really captured my #likeaboss moments lol

Unknown said...

Epic time indeed...haha wonder how come Nuffnang and Churp churp employ all leng lui only...LOL

I think a picture of all the accumulated coupons would be great as well...haha

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