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Saturday, November 12, 2011

By The Window


Often, that feeling of sitting by the window and just staring out into the sky. Gives a calming feeling.

But in that calm sensation there is also weakness and powerlessness,
the feeling that you are just sitting there thinking of what you have done or what there is to do.

and as the time goes by, you become a fossil, and the things you wanted to do become fragmented memories. Pick up those fragments.

So what ever things you let run by when you were sitting there, pack it up and put them into a memory box.
Carry it with you where ever you go.

When in doubt, open it and let it be your inspiration and motivation to never sit down and let things go by again.


"The memories that I have belong to me alone, whether if there was someone else in it. Those that were involve might not cherish it as much as you do, but as long you yourself look at it your way then keep it and look at it as your fondest memories. I know I do" ~benjaminfoo


Qi Wen said...

nice self reflection :) *See, you emo again!*

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Nice pictures as well.

FiSh said...

ehh ur sitting keychain is so cute! :D

benjaminvai said...

hehhe thanks thanks.

Unknown said...

love that you guys party hard too :D *jealous* heheee

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