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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood Halloween Night


Thanks to the ever so generous Astro and Nuffnang, I was invited for a costume party alongside the launching of Astro's Concept home store and Byond IPTV

Given free access to wander around the house, making me wish for a house just like that, comfortable and has Astro B.yond IPTV subscribed, fast and speedy internet and crystal clear HD selection of movie. 

Later on we were ushered outside where the Emcee for the night Adam C, very handsome and good with his words and witty as well, gives us a brief on what is this Astro B.yond IPTV is all about.

Food was served after that we were of course mingling.

The lighting was not so good for my phone but I managed to capture and edit the photo of this two couples.

 Isaac <3 Janice

After dinner, it was the so called Adventure time, team with groups of 5 were given a list of suspects,killer weapon and scene of the crime, they would need to locate the suspects and find out who,how and where someone was murdered.



we didnt win, we were too hot on the trail to be able to take pictures all the time.

Our team member was, Tony, Me, Janice, Iris and Kah Mon

The Finale as everyone gathered where to mingle to announce winners of the various games!

It was definitely an awesome night and Astro was very generous at giving prizes and goodies every where, there were like Malaysia Santa Claus !



Iptv give you five good reason as to why it is the only line that you will need.

  1. The Best Tv Content from ASTRO, with this IPTV you can access to your favourite, watch your football matches! Your MTV celebs or an action packed film all the time.
2. TV your time your way, got an important meeting you need to attend? a family reunion? overseas? Record your shows and come back and watch them when you are ready! hassle free

3. The Fastest Possible Broadband, what's the other most important thing other then tv? you got that right! it's the internet, with speeds up to 30Mps (yes!)  stream, play games, download and bring a whole new word wide web experience to your very own home, speed is key,rocket speed that is!

4. Pick a show and watch it anytime- Got an old movie you wanted to watch again, or recommended? Check out the library data and select the movies you wish to enjoy.

5. Fixed line calls, missing someone why not shoot a ring-a-ding it IS flat price after all.

But the best thing about Astro B.yond IPTV is that with these super speed services, it's easy to have your beloved friends over  for a movie night or even a LAN party.

No event is complete without good company.

ASTRO B.yond IPTV will be coming to your neighbourhood soon.

Check out their site for more information!


Unknown said...

yes yes iris <3 me, not the other way round uhuhuhu

Chatime #ChurpOut

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Tony and Iris sitting on a tree,

FiSh said...

love the huge crowd there :) and had fun rite?

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