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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Adventures of Tin Tin


"Join a courageous and intelligent reporter by the name of Tin Tin, in his quest to uncover many of the mystery he stumbles upon, Tin Tin comes with full CG animation of the highest level to stun and amaze all who seek great animation fun and action"-benjaminfoo

The voice actors were a star studded cast, and certainly did a good job in portraying and sounding like the characters in its comic version.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team up as the clumsy detective thompson and thomson but what surprised me was that they did not sound like themselves at all.

Even Daniel Craig was not easily heard. 

It was more of an introduction rather than a story, the writers have edited this film to be the first of what i believe to be future sequels to come.

Straight forward and predictable, it did not seek to engage the audience but rather just sweeps you through the adventure like a joy ride.

They went for the action packed mystery solving momentum distracting you from a lot of the whys and whats that will always pop up if someone is unfamiliar with this characters.

A sequel is much expected as the ending reveals a very obvious tease for the adventures to come.

CG animation was done to it's finest, i find myself forgetting that I was watching an animation despite the fact that some characters were odd looking.

Action and effects was done superbly and very smooth.

The soundtrack fits very well with the whole film as it was continously being played at the right time and right moment.

An ending that easily shows a sequel, a good wrap but also a good beginning to the bond between the main characters in their future adventures.

There was a part in the ending that kinda threw me off. There were certain looks on Tin Tin's face that confused me.

I  dunno if it's me , but i never noticed that Tin Tin was so good at stating the obvious out loud.

Wrapping it up:

DEFINITELY one of the must watch animation film of this half of the year, bring the whole family, bring your cousins or your friends. It's good for all, entertaining and full of the scent of adventure!

A enjoyable thrill ride with great animation, you just might get sucked into it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Mode:

"Very good CG animation and voice acting by the characters, making an old classic comic come to life and definitely a good effort to respark old interest,the story however did not interest me that much, it is well made and nicely produced but for me, it still lacks that much needed kick .".benjaminfoo of
~Screening pass thx to Nuffnang~


Koh Kian Fai said...

wah . . . anyways I like this movie :P hehehe

kids would love this movie kao kao :P

FiSh said...

i love this movie very much too :P sounds a bit immature but it's nice!

FBS Headmaster said...


bendan said...

I love the movie... Haha!! but the 3D glasses makes my nose pain, almost can't breathe in the theater. =P

Unknown said...

If this was done with the purpose of introducing the characters, it wasn't really well done. They kinda assume everyone to know why Tintin is popular and how he knows the Interpol twins.

Check out my review on the film here

benjaminvai said...

yea, they just put up picture frames of his accomplishments. oh well.

Unknown said...

a good movie to me..but the movie gets quite predictable at some point..hope they have better scripts next time if there is any

missyblurkit said...

i'll definitely be catching this. because of the character tin tin.

i never had a white fox terrier but had a westie that had was every bit of tin tin's character and personality.

michleong said...

Looks nice, maybe I should catch it sometime next week :)

Anne Lee said...

dropping my message here. nice to meet you too. Japanese pro-man. haha

Isaac Tan said...

nice movie XD now if only it was in 2D, can't stand those specs

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