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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Strong hearts and dreams, a glance at Planteria

Before I even begin my story, let me introduce my nakama (comrads/friends) who have been accompanying me on my adventures.

Top is kaze which means wind in Japanese she is a Liger
Bottom is Lightning, he is a Tiglon

A little back story to them is that they are both hybrids of a mating process to generate the strongest breeds of giant cats, but the project was abandon and I found them during my adventures around the mystical parts of the world.

Lightning is strong and fast , most of the time I will ride on his back across treacherous terrains, whilst Kaze has an incredible sense of smell and sight and a strong animal instinct that helps us search for clues, detect unknown dangers around. 

Working as a team, we are adventurous that aim to fine the lost treasures of different worlds, from the ancient greek mythology to the elusive elf civilization and the stories of the stars above.

Here are the places we went to not long ago.

I received a lead about giant fairies in a forest not far of northern Pahang, packed up my Thunder cats and my self we embark on yet another journey of self discovery.

It took us 3 days to reach the rumored area, but everything was pretty basic and we were not able to see any thing out of the ordinary.

3 days pass by and it began to rain furiously as if the Gods were angry at my intrusion of the jungle ahead.

Our food supply was depleted and I relied on merely the raw rabbit meats kaze was able to locate for us but even that I was beginning to feel my self becoming sick of the raw meat, there were no firewood dry enough to be used as fire.

The storm grew stronger as Lightning and Kaze tried to keep me warm despite the wet weather, they were both shivering as well. I knew I had to do something.

I picked up myself and dragged a wooden trunk to uphold my body and began to move Lightning insisted that I ride on him but I told him it was too dangerous and slippery for him to carry weight.

Kaze was on my shoulders keeping a lookout of anything around. my vision was blurry and my head was becoming heavier as the blood rush profusely to my head.

Inch by inch we stumbled and move to find an escape, I slipped.

As I open my eyes seeing Lightning and Kaze licking my wounds.

The mystical forest of Planteria- source

What I saw later was a blue spectacle, as the mist cleared up in front of me. A magnificent sight of blue, so peaceful and calming. I picked myself up and struggle to the pond ahead. The water was crystal clear, I reached out to wash myself, ice cold but it brought warmth to me.

Kaze and Lightning follow suit and licked up the water as i scooped some for myself enjoying the dreammy view. 

My eyes began to go blur once again , noticing that Kaze and Lightning was already on the ground with one last glimpse of the scenery and the clear blue sky above. I blacked out.

*rustling leaves* I slowly open my eyes to see that i was in a more familiar surrounding, I was by the freeway now, as i hear the familiar sounds of engines revving by. 

Was it just another one of my vivid yet imaginary dreams, Kaze gently licked my hand and i looked down to see a blue leaf nearby.

I picked it up and there were words on it.

Looking at it while Lightning and Kaze slept silently on my lap as they too know that this adventure has come to an end, I smiled.

"Yes, somethings might never meant to be as it will disturb the balance of things, but keep it in your heart and let it be a beacon of motivation and strength to become stronger and better for yourself. I might not be able to find this place again, but seeing it once gives me hope that we must always try harder in life because at the end of it, there will always be sweetness."-benjaminfoo


Isaac Tan said...

whoa, your entry very cool wei. So the poetic. I like it! +1

Unknown said...

waaaahhh dalam betul...hahaha

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