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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sorcerer And The White Snake


"White Snake (Eva Huang), in the incarnation of a beautiful lady, falls in love with a young herbalist Xu Xian (Raymond Lam). With the help of Green Snake (Charlene Choi), she ventured into the human world and got married to Xu Xian. In a twist of event, Fa Hai (Jet Li), a sorcerer from Jin Shan Temple, crosses path with White Snake. A fiery battle is about to begin..."-Gsc Movies

My Talk:

Raymond Lam, a Hong Kong TVB actor who is famous among it's TVB fans, finds himself on the big screen, I find rather delightfully tasteless. He seems to be acting from the same drama and hoping that his character will develop over 50 episodes. It's probably his habit to let him indulge into the character later on as I clearly did not see much attachment to the film as his eyes were always spacing out.

Eva Huang plays the white snake, she as well did not perform up to standard as there is a lack of duet chemistry between the two main casts, a story of love which you did not feel much for it.

Jet Li, I still love you, but it is pretty clear that you should not act in movies that require more of an emotional role then a martial artist role.

Based on a folk tale by China stories, a tale of love between demons and humans. 

The story is pretty easy and simple, world of demons and monks with super human powers, a demon falls in love with a mortal, tradition and culture don't agree. A whole lot of fighting and running and what seems to be emotional conflict.

Pretty basic chinese story telling. No twist no turns, you have a feeling what will happen as the story goes.

As i did not watch the trailer, it was a last minute decision to watch the movie. The first part with snow was alright, untill they started to royal rumble, I decided at that point, every action is gonna suck.

The thing with these CG effects is that it is so unrefined that it feels like a first draft of an animation. broken and laggy even. It was a direct facepalm.

The movie ending pissed me off so much, it was actually the whole sequence leading to the ending.

The whole thing went into chaos was because the snake sister DID NOT FREAKING listen to the Fa Hai monk ( maybe its his name), but if they would have listen and waited quietly for the whole ceremony to end, then no freaking 2012 crap would happen. * buddha facepalm*

Eva Huang looks very pretty underwater.

I want Gillian Chung.

The snake CG sucks big time.

So many dam cliches in it that i could cry, most notable is Ghostbuster.

Fa Hai (Jet Li) the monk seems to be the most powerful monk in the universe. He is the superman of  the china folk tale world. He freaking lifted the pagoda.

I think people were pissed at me, cause i was trying really hard not to laugh out loud. *sorry*

Ginseng (tentacle) rape on Raymond Lam made me laugh ! haha

Wrapping it up:
Recommending this movie to the 40+ , your parents and my parents and grandparents and aunties and uncles who know and love Jet Li and these china folk tale themed stories.

However, the Hong Kong film industry really needs to refine their CG details, it looks so clumsy and bulky that it is very annoying.

Did you know?: 
Eva Huang acted as a mute girl in Kung Fu Hustle.

Rating: 1/5

Critic Mode:

"The unrefined CGI and the greatly exaggerative scenes moved the audience away from the core value of this myth of love, the film maker seemed to be throwing a bunch of unrelated actions just to draw a crowd but have lost sight of the much loved emotional conflict in the story.".benjaminfoo of


Unknown said...

lol how generous of you

benjaminvai said...

Only because i think Eva is very pretty underwater and I still love Jet Li. haha.

Nana Eddy said...

hahaha. I find reading your review funny.

IF I watch this, it would be on tv or computer, and ONLY because it's Jet Li.

Nikel Khor said...

macum not worth to watch ler..

FBS Headmaster said...

wahahaha i decided long time ago will not watch jet li movie if he's the monk XD

coz will be very super cliche of him... will want to watch this not in cinema tho... haha

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