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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snacks from Japan

"I am a fan of all things Japan, so when my colleague brought back some snacks all the way from Japan I was excited like a small kid.Really hope to travel to Japan one day"-benjaminfoo

Here are the snacks that were brought back from Japan.

Above is the Green Tea Kit Kat, it's sweet and has a very strong green tea taste to it, if they have it in Malaysia , it would be my happy food!

Gone so fast.

Wasabi Flavored Kit Kat, opening the package you will get a whiff of strong wasabi smell, but it isn't spicy and it's really unique. *thumbs up*

Strawberry cookies are the bomb! It's Pink , It smells like bubble gum, and those so so so dam sweet.

Almond leaf, shapes like it, and smells strong of almond, crunchy and wickedly good, taste best with cup of hot coffee.

And here you will see our dearest programmer Alain Chong, back to work immediately after his trip, awesome dude!


Isaac Tan said...

whoa, sweet flavored kit kat.. Throw me one bro! :P

N/A said...

I pun mau makan!

benjaminvai said...

fattening la hahah

missyblurkit said...

i love the green tea kit kat...bought it once here during a japanese food fair. wasabi sounds darn interesting though.

Ken Wooi said...

the green tea kit kat looks like wasabi kit kat at first.. lol..

jome let's go japan one day :P

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