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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Steel

"Set in the not so distant future, boxers are replace with robots due to the fact that people want to pay more to enjoy brutal action that bounds no limit of the human body, while clanking metals and loud noises are the trend of the year, run down boxer Charlie (Jackman) is force to live life by the buck with roadshows of his own robot until his 11 year old boy decides to pay a visit."-IMDB

Many would think Hugh Jackman is the main star of this action film, but the movie centers around young Dakota Goyo, a young up coming actor. 

Goyo portrayed his character with much realism and enjoyment, we would all fine ourself rooting for this young rascal, an act certainly to be applauded for.

We also get to see Hugh Jackman in a different light, playing the role of a father whom have long wasted his past of under achieved goals.

The story is about the bonds between father and son who was abandon by his father, only to be reunited over a mother's death.

It is merely simple minded thinking that the movie is about giant fighting robots.

It brought out an emotional engagement to the film, about never giving up what you wanted. 

A simple David vs Goliath story with an emotional engagement.

Even if the story is bout any other theme, the core of the father son engagement is still there. 

The robots are a wow factor in the film, it could easily be a chair or a table to be fighting. The robots were designed and moved in a very life like manner.

The soundtrack was pretty decent and manage to pump up the audience most of the time as well.

The sounds of metal clanking and the immense pressure projected by the fights give more enjoyment to the film.

A happy ending comes with this film, followed by an audience who were happy to see how things went, as the performance has certainly kept them absorbed into the film. Find yourself rooting for the heroes at the end of the movie.

It makes you wanna start boxing too.

Dakota Goyo is really talented.

Things looks the same after a few years, but giant robots are highly upgraded to rake in more underground cash.

The bull at the beginning, was it injured during the show?@.@

Wrapping it up:
An action flick that subtlety engages you into a father & son situation. Suitable for everyone, and highly recommended to be watched with friends and family.

Did you know?: 

Rating: 4/5

Critic Mode:

"A tale of father and son told in a more hollywood manner, making it an enjoyable movie.Giant Robots fighting, what could be better.A film that actually went above my expecatation".benjaminfoo of
Special preview screening thx to Tune Talk and Churp Churp.

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Unknown said...

if u wanna know the bull is a CG too..not real LOL

Unknown said...

I think the tray is a hi-tech tray which allows him to pull and carry Atom onto it.

Real Steel movie review

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