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Monday, October 17, 2011

Qian's Birthday Outing 2011

"Birthday's are meant to be celebrated, no matter how much you think it's insignificant, nonetheless we should always celebrate it, because it is the day we arrived and brought a bundle of joy to our family and later friends and the society"
From now on, each post about birthdays would be made special a bit. haha.

Lucky Qian would be the first to experience this new concept. *be grateful* XD

First Task, was to pick up the Birthday girl with her darling Bendan den we rushed to One Utama Pasta Zanmai where The Elwyn was waiting for us already. hahaha, vroooom vrooom.

Reached there to see The Elwyn and Kian Fai waiting for us already, we got a nice cozy table with an outside view.

 Ordered out food and a little bit of chit chatting picture snapping here and there ^^.

Food arrived and we dug in, haha , everyone was enjoying their meal, but not sure really nice o not, we shared among each other la, like how friends are =3

Some of the pictures of our food, guess which one don't belong in it ! hehehe

After lunch took some picture and walked around a bit, in search of what to do next.

The girls doing what they like best haha

The guys thinking they can get away doing the same thing! 



 We proceeded to go Sing K, something that I almost never go for, cause I cant sing for shits

Before sing K , we went to play this tank game, which drew a crowd. * bangga* 

hahaha, we sang till 7pm, by that time Kian Fai left to attend another funtion (busy dude) switched him for Iris.

We went walk around some more and ultimately ended up at Kim Gary for dinner.

Spot the same picture!

Well, thats all. Happy Birthday Qian! Hope you had a great time with us!

"We were brought into this world for great purposes, each is different from the other, but there are some purposes which are the same , that is to bring joy and happiness to the people around us."-benjaminfoo
-all future post about birthdays will be written as such, to celebrate to you all my friends , though it may not be filled with explosion and fireworks it is of sincerity -

Friends present for this small get together:- SiewKian/Qian the bday girl theelwyn/elwyn bendan/Kahmon Kian Fai/ Fai gor Tony/Toninkush Black pussy/meow something/ iris/ loong pei yi/ black something.

*some photo credits are from Qian herself*


bendan said...


Ok.. I see me, so happy. XP

Qian said...

wow!!!!! Happy~~~~

Qian said...

I looked pretty stupid in some of the pictures though... Muahahahaha...

benjaminvai said...

Lol, u think everytime u look pretty wan meh? haha

Koh Kian Fai said...

jom lets play the game one more time lol

Hilda Milda™ said...

This was like somewhere in August right? :P You made me wanna eat pasta zanmai now ):

Ken Wooi said...

this is like so long ago right? lol

benjaminvai said...

haha yea, long ago.

Henry Lee said...

this post from which century ah? walao now only u post? hahaha... anyway great post there... too bad i missed it :(

Isaac Tan said...

look out the window and see what? lol!!

Kinda sad I couldnt make it then ><

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