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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Never to give up but reach higher


Can you hear me?
This voice of mine was futile and sucked into the darkness
If the world has a meaning
Then these feelings aren’t useless

We were crushed by our aspiration and gave up
Without knowing the color of the boundless sky

Because our thoughts that started running
Are knocking on our chest even now

The us today must continue ahead
We have to go build a tomorrow that’ll become a stronger us

The answer, that’s right, is always here
you just need to look for it.

We don’t have the time to grieve about the seasons that have passed by
So that we won’t be lost again
While we still hold on to such
Countless and simply meager regrets

It’s something that only we, who was searching, can do
Because the words that you gave me on that day
Certainly reach our chest even now

Today, I’ll realize the reason of my having been born
More than I did yesterday

Life is like a spiral, you bumped into so many things that you would even know where to start, our own goals and dreams tend to crush us or build a wall around us then it is also up to us to break those pressure and reach for the heavens, strength is not enough, it needs courage-benjaminfoo

"I become stronger and stronger for the obstacles ahead, but when it comes and hit me in the face, will i have the COURAGE to stand up to it. "-benjaminfoo

Inspired by Sorairo Days- Shoko Nakagawa- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Camy said...

i like this post :)

hui min said...

eleh~ den dun whine anymore ar~ <3

Caroline said...

fuuuh! i was sooo damn mad reading the email I have received just now and that's definitely ruin my Sat! and now.. looking at the scenery pictures here calmed me down. nice post btw! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Yes, never give up!

Unknown said...

wow...some very nice pics!!

Isaac Tan said...

Just awesome bro!

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