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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look for the tiny moments of bliss.

One of the biggest question I have everyday in life is that will I be able to go through it without hassle, well the answer to that is always a big fat NO!

Everyday is always a challenge be it small or big, it's there.

 Some people's greatest challenge is finishing their meals clean!

Trouble stacks up with trouble all the time, btw this is 狗狗 pronounced gou gou, my beloved Iswara injured in a brawl with another car.(sudden accidents happen)

Most of the time we look for directions everywhere, be it a person or a sign, being lead is always easier than being a leader most of the time and ultimately we become more passive.

A seemingly clear path is always full of shit most of the time. (Cats always shit here, you can smell it every time you pass here.) 

You smell and feel fear all the time around you, because everything is always changing.( I know you tighten your grip on your devices when you are near this hole fear of dropping it)

How do I go about these accidents,these fears, these challenges and these shit as we like to call it.

With so many things jumbled in life, we need to see the things that change and cherish those that don't

The little addictions that we have ( yea i am addicted to this now) be it stamps or fishing or painting.

The little things that you enjoy and cherish forever.( love this mug/cup, it's so awesome <3), one of the things that make me feel good.
It could be your pillow or your purse.

The little creative surprises that come along the way, be it small or big.

There are things that I will cherish for the rest of life, forever is the worth, it is those moments of bliss that i enjoy so much and it keeps me going, keeps me motivated and keeps me strong even though I am weak. The things that make me smile even though I am deprived of sleep. 

I believe everyone have this, cherish it forever and remember it.

The thing about life is that even though it is full of obstacles, it is also full of wonders,
looking at the tiny things that you cherish, those little moments you have,
that little sweet giggle your heart feels when some nice happens tends to stay for a very long time.

Just like how after all the hardship of organizing event, it's success pleases you,
Just like how you prepare for a marathon, and you completed it,
Like how you wake up planning to go shopping and you got something you really want.
or going to a bad movie but with the company of great friends.

No matter how bad things turn out in a day, i believe there is always something nice in your everyday life that we all tend to overlook because we are not searching for it. 

*takes a sip out of the starbuck's cup/mug*

*closes eye*


So the next time you decide to just be mad at your day, think a little about the small nice things that happen, I am sure those moments win over the bad moments.


Nana Eddy said...

agree! even if we are extremely unhappy, we still have to live the day. So might as well be happy while we're at it! XD

bendan said...

LOL!! Good day everyday from now on!!

Btw, the toilet pic, damn disgusting, I almost puke and it can't goes off my mind!! Can you please.. *running to the toilet*

Aileen said...

Love the Nasi lemak birthday candle pic!

Caroline said...

agree! well well there's always positive side of everything. ;)

Cutebun said...

Cherish is the keyword!

Ken Wooi said...

wah why suddenly so expressive and emotional wan? lulz..

benjaminvai said...

haha, i m very sentimental wan XD

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