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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life as we know it

"Most of the time , we live through life day by day, moment by moment, we cherish it for that time frame and then it becomes memories. Whether it is the hardship of a mandatory life, or the bitterness of love/friend relationships. We cry, we laugh and sometimes we just let it slide.The questions is if there comes one day a change comes will you move forward?"-benjaminfoo

Generally we are all very anti social, it takes certain individuals to bond everyone together, but of course we all must be willing to accept this external energy!

Some of us live in packs, where there are a group of you, going doing awesome stuffs.

And then there are some of us who just like to be the lonesome wolf, by choice or not.

It's always awesome to watch anime on such a big screen, with family and friends.

We always seek to wash away the pain and sadness sometimes we feel about ourselves and others around us.

Later on we would always think of reconstructing all the pain back up again only to make ourselves vulnerable again.

There is always someone who will be your lucky charm, that will make you feel good, whether it is your other half or someone really awesome in your life.

Being passionate about something is always a good thing, i admire these people.

But sometimes your just feel really burnt out, like your whole world suddenly crashes and burn.

You might need to try to fix yourself up, with friends is recommended.Try something a little different if you must.

Have a friend that matters.Always with you. Yellow, if things change can i count on you to be somewhat the same?

Or would you like to wanked up on some boobs? Screw up your life maybe?

"Choose the path not for the future, but for the moment in front of you every step you take, when things change, you change. Whether you want to fight for it or not, time will tell."-benjaminfoo 


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, you can be a inspiring story teller now :P

LauraLeia said...

Hahaha, nice! Picture storytelling. XD Also, that last pic is pretty wtf, after reading your caption. XD

Elwyn~! said...

After reading this i feel pretty fucked up yet again~! Gotta pick myself up. Lone ranger lone ranger ...

benjaminvai said...

Thx ^^

Elwyn, if u feel fucked up, den its time to change. power ranger style

Chutipond said...

gonna do some shooting later! ROARRR xD

Unknown said...

how did I end up in there??XD
am not resisting external force at all lately.. was an even worse anti social back then..haha
deep meaningful post there, ben!

SiMon Har said...

whoa! wat a creative post!

Unknown said...

made me think of the Wolf pack aje!

Qian said...

time changed, but friends always there.

Aileen said...

Hi Benjamin, thanks for sending this to me, it's brilliant! More please!

Unknown said...

lol philosopher pau huhu

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Isaac Tan said...

i'm inspired

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