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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Killer Elite

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 "Based on a true story, Killer Elite pits two of the worlds' most elite operatives - Danny, an ex-special ops agent (Jason Statham) and Hunter, his longtime mentor (Robert De Niro) - against the cunning leader of a secret military society ('Clive Owen' ). Covering the globe from Australia to Paris, London and the Middle East, Danny and Hunter are plunged into a highly dangerous game of cat and mouse - where the predators become the prey." IMDB

3 popular actors casted for this movie, all 3 are known to be the leads of other movies that circles around the same assassin killer themes.

All of them gave a very down to earth performance which matches in well with the type of atmosphere the director wants this novel adaptation to be.

Jason Statham is gonna be labeled as only an assassin soon, the number of movies of him being a highly train killer is about all the movies he is in.

Based on a true story and a novel written about it, the story is very draggy and tries to get as much detail of the whole event as much as possible.

Killers hunting killers, chasing each other through different means, whether or not it was honorable to do it. Its a story without a twist because the flow is long, informative but draggy.

The director tries to keep everything real, there were no fancy explosions or fights, no unneeded special effects.

Quick and simple kills, thats how real assassinations are made.
Don't expect any awe moments.

The story unfolds and the reasons of it all is revealed giving a clear picture of what actually happened.

I would probably fall asleep because it is draggy, but still has its story telling effect on it.

Wrapping it up:
This movie are for real action fans, those that were junkies before they made explosions so big that it looks like a nuclear bomb dropped on it.

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Rating: 2/5

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"Keeping it real, the director is very strict about this direction for the movie, you don't see any flashy action but it gets the job done, quick, fast and uncomplicated, a movie for those who value good old story telling instead of just flashy movements and big explosions.".benjaminfoo of

1 comment :

Unknown said...

sounds like a decent movie with poor rating lol

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