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Saturday, October 1, 2011

HTC Evo 3D stories, chapter 7 - The Finale

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With so many chapters in the HTC Evo 3D story, it is about time to make a wrap up of the whole phone.

My two weeks with the phone has been very awesome, the chance to review a dual core HTC phone left me astounded and amaze at the sheer improvement it has made from it's single core buddies.

If I have a chance I would spotting a new HTC new dual core phone in the future, now lets wrap it up



The HTC Evo 3D sturdy design, gives a power grip feeling that helps you hold the device in your hand better, the textured back of the Evo 3D makes it more comfortable to be held on the go.

The battery is 1730 mAH, it packs up quite a punch of you do not go 3D shooting 24/7, it's a massive improvement from it's previous devices but no matter what it is still not enough as i would love to use the phone 24/7 without worrying about power outages

The Camera is very nice and clear with a 5MP focus, it is able to capture objects at an up close perception giving a more refined look at the item. The 3D camera is a very good show-off feature but I am afraid like many 3D technology devices, it is still highly obsolete because there are complains on headaches and dizziness after a short while of viewing pictures in 3D but nonetheless it is a very cool feature to show off to you friends.

The shutter button on the Evo 3D is to die for though.


Running an Android OS says almost everything about the HTC Evo 3D, with the new HTC sense blended in, the android experience on HTC is very user friendly, minimal but gets the job done at the same time.

The pre installed apps and widgets gives a lot of variety in customizing your own personal home screen which no one else would be able to be familiarize it, making it very very unique per user.

If you like to mess around with the other alternatives, the dual core processor is able to accommodate any apps you find on the android market and make the phone even more special to you.

The good thing about android is that the market is always changing, and you get to choose from a wide variety of apps that is different with the others.

Saying it out loud and clear, I am a Android user, I have no bias towards any smartphone outdoor.
I believe each of the models outdoor are defined by their user preference and the smartphone war out there are just competitors trying to outsell each other.

For the HTC users, if you like flexibility and customizability, the HTC Evo 3D is one of the leaders of the pack much like the HTC Sensation as well.

I am gonna miss this bad boy. *sigh*

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wish you win the phone, good luck! haha

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