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Saturday, October 1, 2011

HTC Evo 3D stories, chapter 5 - The Ally

Digi brings along HTC Evo 3D to Malaysia with some of the cheapest plans in town.

With just only Rm1449, you can bring home the HTC Evo 3D, which is also bundled together with a good internet data plan that helps you enjoy some of the best features of having a smartphone.

The Rm48 smart plan should be good enough for light weight data uses, and it's unlimited , after the 1GB cap , the speed slows down but you are still able to surf without any extra charges.

Digi Smart plans, offers a good choice of plans to suit the light weight as well as the heavy weight uses, the calls and sms are on a use by use basis so you don have to worry about not reaching the phone bill cap everyday.

Pay as you own , Digi introduces the new installment packages that help anyone afford a smartphone anytime and anywhere, witha 24 month contrac of 3gb data plan, you can have the HTC Evo 3D with just Rm132.45 a month.

With many varieties and plans to choose from , Digi really tries to make owning a smartphone easier for consumers.

Check out other promotions and phones at the Digi official site below.


Elwyn~! said...

wahhh, like this sure found winner jor. dam it~! my 3 post no fight jor with you~! =(

benjaminvai said...

ITs not about quantity la,

mine is just quantity, lack substance

Caroline said...

well digi definitely offer much better to consumers! tho its quite late somehow, and for no patience ppl like me, rather buy it from the store instead of waiting for the plan :p

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