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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hot's 7th Anniversary Party

To celebrate their 7 years of success, Hot Magazine had a birthday bash at Zouk Club KL, I was one of the lucky people who got passes to attend such an event

Got invitational passes to Hot's 7th Anniversary Party

So there was a theme, but den i don really like to dress up so i just went in all normal and stuff.

We were kinda late but the crowds were still bustling with ghouls and costumed folks giving you a good scare or two.

There was of course a eerie ambience of the night as you walk in to the event.

 Go in and you will see the ceilings decorated with all sorts of ghostly figures and Pumpkins! It is a halloween party after all right?

 Red Fms Jolly Jeremy and Lovable Linora were the host for the night, spotting a dracula and a fallen dark angel each.

 What's a party with out some prizes and games right? These guys were called out to answer some simple questions.

  A little Ghoulish Fashion show competition as well, let the crowds cheer!

Cobwebbed Heineken anyone? 
Did i mention it was controlled free flow? meaning from time to time they will issue out the booze.

We went to the mamak nearby to chill, got a picture of our own twin tower, very very brilliant indeed.

What's a party without a group pic right? 
(from left Melmonica, Sherry, ME, Isaac)
Thx Isaac for this gambar.

Don't forget to check out Hot Magazine's website and facebook page!



Most Desirable said...

Hi, lucky you to be invited for such a hot event. Never been to Zouk all my life, though i always hear of it. Pls do drop by for my story for Halloween.

Camy said...

wow! awesome partyyyy!

N/A said...

Wow! Very HAWWWTTT yeah! :D

benjaminvai said...

i know i hot! haha

yea it was awesome

Isaac Tan said...

good night, great company! it's always fun with you bro ..

and congrats again to Hot magazine.. 7 years!

Anne Lee said...

stunning event and it's kinda creepy.

Henry Lee said...

hmmm... seems like only a few dress up for this event. Anyway, i didnt know there's this event until the very last minute... haha! :P

Anonymous said...

dude, i love the cob web heineken! and the lighting makes me look super spooky :P haha a "bloody" fallen angel. lol

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