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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heineken Green Room 2011

INFO----->Heineken Green Room 2011<----- INFO

Arrived at the venue about 7pm, was stuck in bad jams around the city because i am bad with KL roads.

The event was pretty huge considering the location and the performances that were being scheduled.

 The stage area was being prepared when i got in.
 My favorite performance of the night getting ready.

The VIP passes were on the upper deck and i heard they get some free beer as well.

Here are the pictures i took of my favorite performance of the night!

Arts Vs Science

They have a very unique sound and was able to rock the house down!

They did an awesome performance.

All in all the event was great, but i regretted one thing, i didnt take pictures of my awesome friends that day, so sorry everyone, will try to change that habit of mine! =3


Henry Tan said...

fun event!

Hilda Milda™ said...

shouldn't it be bilik hijau? rumah hijau is more like greenhouse hehe :P

benjaminvai said...

hahah. ure right! hahah

Isaac Tan said...

u didnt take, but henry took ma! Lol, you could take his photo and credit to him :P

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