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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DiGi Presents the HTC Evo 3D

"The HTC Evo 3D brings complexity and simplicity together, with a powered up hardware that is strong and swift and the combination of a simple but rich user interface that easily to use and gets you started in just minutes on your new awesome phone."-benjaminfoo


Besides giving me the chance to review this phone, Digi also gave me an excellent operator service as I have encounter no problem what so ever when using Digi Data Plan RM68 for an unlimited internet experience everywhere I go!

And what's there to do when you go everywhere? For a social media enthusiast like me. 

It just means, unlimited tweeting, facebooking, blogging and checking in!!

Gotta admit, I am a junkie!

Moving on down to what else i do with my awesome phone and unlimited data plan, I can download and play as many games as I like, from online android games to heavy duty games with big files, data is not an obstacle!

Great quality games for a great time, especially when you are waiting in the car XD, some games even connect to score board online so you can constantly engage in healthy competition with other users!
(Games include: top left is eternal legacy, top right is third blade, btm left is stardunk,btm right is muffin knight)

Android thrives itself on the flexibility of it's apps and you can find just about anything on the android market to suit your own taste, but you will need to download it first to test it out, so with unlimited data plan, its just like going to a huge mall and try all the clothes just to find one that suits you! weeeee~

Not forgetting the whole HTC experience that I got on the phone.
Here is a filter function on the HTC camera that I really like

This is the antique filter, and my first event with the other bloggers. *tears*

What else is important when you have unlimited data plan + an awesome HTC Evo 3D packed with dual core processor and a great UI.

You get to surf at a super fast speed, stream videos, personalize your own phone, watch full movies, look at the weather, look at your calls and messages in a cooler manner all with the HTC sense and unlimited data to download those personalizations!

is the 3D function on the HTC Evo 3D.
Let the video do the talking for this one!

Dunno if you can view this, if u can, its amazing!

Packs a punch does it not?

So don't wait anymore, here is a link to the promotion that Digi is having with this amazing phone.


Isaac Tan said...

I see myself in the picture! XD

good luck bro

Nana Eddy said...

How do you get to review the phones aah? I always wonder how u guys get to review these phones..

Anyway, Good Luck!! hope you'll win XD

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