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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Buddy Soy Smoothies

"With all these milk tea industry booming around the country, it's good to see an alternative choice being added to the family, not exactly the rival but maybe a different taste"-benjaminfoo
Forgive me, you must be wondering what I am yapping about, well I am actually talking about

Buddy Soy Smoothies, a new beverage store located at LG Time Square with a different approach towards the art of drinking for leisure, as the name suggests. Buddy Soy focuses on using soy bean to replace milk and gives a healthier choice of drinks to the already saturated milk tea market.

A rather cute sign I must say although my angle was a bit off that day.

The owner Mr. Lee and his lovely daughter Ms Lee was very excited to have us with them.

Explaining each drink passionately and serving drinks so that we have enough to try.

The menu is located on the big sign over head and on the tables as well, the price is normal if you ask me.

 Here we have the original pearl soya milk tea.

 Sourish orange for those who like it that way!

 Sweet yam-ness

 A little honey honey on the honey dew

 Epic corn is always epic

 A malaysian feel of cendol

Awesome choc  is awesome as well.

The drinks above are all made with soya milk as the base so you will be expecting a rather different taste, an aromatic soya feels your mouth when you drink them, following each flavour does not try to over power the soy beans but in fact, blends in quite well with most flavor.


 First we have the refreshing Cucumber Soy Milk Blended.

"gives out a very cooling experience when being drank, cools down the heaty body and re-energizes you, definitely a keeper for you shopaholics! "-benjaminfoo

Banana~ banana~banana~ ironically, it is one of the healthiest fruit around and yet it can be the dirtiest looking wan as well nyek nyek nyek.

This smoothie is nice, really like the strong banana smell it brings ^.^ , very hard to find banana flavoured smoothies.

I love banana cakes as well. Dam long never eat it liao. Dear beloved readers, u all noe what to do la. XD

Made from fresh fruits everyday! 

You want to know another great thing about Buddy Soy Smoothies?

This photo credits to

The Answer: It's a great place for friends to gather and have a Smoothing Good Time!

Located at LG Berjaya Time Square, beside ChaTime.


Nikel Khor said...

LOOK best outing there.. keke.. smoothies..

Qi Wen said...

Banana + soy milk makes me think of going to toilet =.= opps... sorry

Erika Toh said...

Soy milk drink.....yummy!! :D

FBS Headmaster said...

Looks really nice weh... Must go try man... haha thanks for the intro :D

Isaac Tan said...

wheee, i like it when i see myself in photos. Let's go work out together bro, to look good in photos. Lol!

Nice shop, with good soy products XD

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