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Friday, September 16, 2011

Mayhem 2 at Sunway Pyramid

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Last Sunday, I had the privilege to attend a Multi Martial Art (MMA) Tourney being held at Sunway Pyramid which was organized by Muay Fit International.

Muay Fit International offers a wide range of fighting style that helps you to stay fit and healthy with the addition of defending yourself against trouble.
Information on all the classes provided can be obtained by clicking the link below.

Here is a rough idea of the agenda that day.

Event 09:30 AM 
Registration11:00 AM
Fights 12:00 PM 
Guests Appearances 01:00 PM
Lunch Break 01:30 PM 
Fights 06:30 PM
Dinner Break 07:00 PM 
Fights 09:00 PM
Prize Giving

It was held at one of the concourse in Sunway Pyramid with full view for the public where a hexagon shaped cage was set up to confined the player within it to avoid any spectator injury.

My initial thought was that it would one of those lame fights where they push each other around and get points to win, but boy was I wrong. 

Each of the contestant were very committed to their style and techniques displaying a wide array of take downs and knock out hits that left the crowd cheering and supporting the fighters.

Each fight was filled with anxiety and the mad hunger to win over an opponent, imagining my self being hit by one of those punches that could be heard from the higher floors of the complex gave me chills.

Here are some of the pictures of the fights. They are not so clear as the netting and also because they are always moving.

Crowds gathered as you can see from some of the pics, the fight was quite violent. It was a very awesome event and it generated a great deal of exposure to the society about MMA.

Muay Fit is currently running a great deal with MilkADeal.

Click on the Link below for more information!

I will give it a try soon, it's seems to be fun and healthy as well!

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Nana Eddy said...

woah~ so many people? hoho. Is there any blood drawn??? hehe :p

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