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Thursday, September 29, 2011

HTC Evo 3D stories, chapter 3 - The Vision


A picture is worth a thousand words.

 My First gathering with some bloggers about 3 months ago.
Effect added by HTC Evo 3D

As this old saying go, a simple still frame shows much more than the surface, it brings out a story and expresses a feeling that many words would not be able to describe.

A person who is used to words like perception and depth of field might be able to utilize his or her knowledge to express such pictures, be it an antique or a clean look.

HTC Evo 3D comes with a variety of effects and filter in which you can experiment and play with even without taking much time.

Experiece life and share it through a vision that HTC Evo 3D can offer.


Depth of field













Vintage Cold
Vintage effect

Vintage warm


The variety of filter enables users to upload and share the type of mood and setting that he/she wishes to show in their pictures.

A family reunion could be better expresses with a vintage feel

A friends face can be made distorted and laugh about it

A depth of field can be used on a single flower in a field of grass

A bleak effect for those cute pictures with your besties

A photographer told me, that one single picture can express a great amount of different look and feel . you could even add a vintage effect on a newly bought car just to make it look classic.

"HTC Evo 3D and it's HTC sense camera filters provides a chance to capture great moments and edited into the mood you wish to express, with an android OS it is even possible to bring more effects of the apps available in the market and with a 5mp camera, anything is just a click of the button."-benjaminfoo @

Eager to see what great offer is attached to this phone?

Check out Digi's HTC Evo 3D-


bendan said...

After reading all your review..umm... thinking to get myself HTC jo. LMAO!! XD

but i prefer sensation's design instead of the Evo one. =[

Elwyn~! said...

Owhhhh, my word verification is "books"~!!!

So easy, hahaha~! Anywayz I like the camera very much, and Bendan~! I didnt get the chance to really play with Sensation before ...

But I still like the solid feel of the Evo 3D and definitely the dedicated camera button is such a huge plus for me~!


CalvinLau said...

Wei.. explain har how's 3D effect like can? Really curious on that... any photos?

benjaminvai said...

Its a really great phone,

Calvin, 3D pictures taken for the phone cant be seen on the computer screen unless u have the program.

i dunno how to get the program.

You will need to go to the phone deal to experience it. sorry

cutebun said...

Evo~~ The effects pretty basic le =P

benjaminvai said...

cutebun, more effects if you get the android apps. little photo, mtxx, pixl o matic. there are so many.

Unknown said...

the camera quality is very good i must about the 3D picture that it can capture??

benjaminvai said...

3D picture is very unique when viewed on screen, but it cant be capture or viewed normally.

Happy walker said...

HTC oki oki only if compare to iPhone~ XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, that's a lot of filter and effects! I personally likes the glimmer effect.

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