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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fright Night 2011

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"A remake and remodeled version of the 1985 horror flick of the same name, We see Charlie Brewster who starts to get his life under control until his new neighbor Jerry who moved in not long ago and the sudden disappearance of families in town starts to unfold as a wicked story behind these events."-benjamin at

My Talk:

Applause goes to Colin Ferrell for portraying Jerry the vampire with a wickedly sinister vibe and not to mention the small jolts of humor he brings into the film, modern vampires would be ashamed once the seen how Farrell portrayed a blood thirsty vampire.

David Tennant provided a rather funny relief to the film that sometimes just have you smiling for his part heroic part cowardice character of Peter Vincent.

The rest of the cast did a good job as well in creating the needed freaked out expression that one would have one encountering such situations.

A story that was based of it's predecessor in the 1985, altered to feed to the hunger for teen fans of this genre, discovering your next neighbor is a vampire out to get you and everyone around you. 

The story telling was pretty decent with a mixture of horror and comedy aside, but caught me was that after the first hour of simple scare and witty comments here and there, the horror flick turned in a vampire hunting action film that was although engaging, lack the scary elements that many old films have known to be famous in making. 

However, it was very easy to miss these changes in the elements as the story was flowing in a good direction and will certainly capture teen hearts and those who want a good vampire movie these days.

I like the make up artist and CGI implications on the vampires as it is certainly gruesome enough to deliver the impact of a scary movie, the fangs were made to NOT follow the generic dual fang but rather a mouth full of razor sharp teeth for biting and sucking the blood dry of their victims.

The various action sequence were made well and the way the vampire dies is quite eye pleasing as well.
It's easy to decide how the movie would end after a while, and the flow of the story leading the ending was very basic and normal.

Pick out a good looking hunky vampire and a few hot girls and you got yourself the perfect formula to attract people to give it a watch.

Yes those chicks in the film is hot, and yea Colin is hot as well. XD

*Censorship was really bad in this wan, it felt like there were many many parts being cut for no apparent reason.*

Wrapping it up:
It's weird as to why Disney would join in to distribute this film considering how much blood was spilled in the movie.

Teens and young adults alike would enjoy this film, there are scares, life lessons(don dump ur best friend to be cool), love, and a little technical know how to kill Vampires as well.
Did you know?: 
That Anton Yelchin who plays Charlie Brewster also voiced Clumsy in the Smurfs movie 2011?


Critic Mode:

"Colin Farrell did a great job and a remake for a classic that did not disappoint but rather rekindled the magic that was of it's predecessor's success of the vampire genre."-benjaminfoo of

Movie screening thx to Nuffnang.

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