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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream House


"Successful editor Will Atenton quits his job to be with his family at suburban area, however amidst the smiles and laughter of being together in a cozy new house, something seems to be lurking in the shadows of house leaving the family restless." benjaminfoo at

My Talk:

Craig has that old worn out look that comes natural to him when he is sweating and beaten up, this gave the movie a good ambience, however it did not blend well with his character. He might have worked out as the new Bond, but he surely did not entertain me here.

Naomi watts and Rachel Weisz both perform fairly well.

I felt like climbing a mountain watching the plot unfolding in this film, 15 min into the film and i have already figured out how the story went and it took 99% of any thrill it had. The trailer above did not just hint the story, but told it as well.

From the poster itself many might think of it as a horror ghost movie, which i would have also thought so but rest assured it is not.

The flow of the story was easy to guess but it had a little sense into it, just a tiny drop of sense.

Let's face it, it's a very low budget movie and nothing great about the effects used. 

Even the soundtrack was not engaging enough.

It's like a forceful tongue twister that just made the whole thing worst.

The trailer kinda ruined the whole plot, it might have been surprising if the trailer show nothing.

Both actress Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz are hot!

The only thing i felt was that how screwed up your life was because of a stupid hitman and a missed shot to the brain.

The poster was probably the creepiest from the whole show

Wrapping it up:
No one should watch this film unless that are forced to watch it, there is nothing to look out for and it simply did not entertain anyone, or anyhow.

Did you know?: 
Jim Sheridan (the director) supposedly lost control over the movie by the studio and was not pleased with the final result. Stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were not pleased either, threatening to not make press rounds for it.-IMDB 

Maybe that explains why it's partially so bad.

Rating: 1/5

Critic Mode:

"A film that tried to mix too much element in it, ends up backfiring and a handful of wasted talent at their disposal".benjaminfoo of
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Screening thanks to Churp churp 


Nikel Khor said...

not really like horror movie

Unknown said...

i hate how ppl are complaining what a poor horror film this is. it's not even a horror movie to begin with.

benjaminvai said...

haha. i dunno how to categorize it, thriller i guess

Hilda Milda™ said...

1/5 only? seems like it's not even worth watching lol

Rebecca Saw said...

wahh seems bad worr

benjaminvai said...

rebecca, watching the trailer spoils the whole thing. not watching it would greatly increase it's watchability

Caroline said...

omg?! 1/5 ?! ok horror movie not my type too. XD

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