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Thursday, September 29, 2011

City On Fire/ 5 days of war


Real name

the poster in GSC
"5 Days of War is an action-packed international thriller from acclaimed director, Renny Harlin. Based on true events, this intense film is a vivid account of a renegade American journalist, his cameraman and a local woman caught behind enemy lines, and determined to not only survive, but tell the world what was happening, during the swift but devastating 5-day war between Russian and the Georgian Republic in 2008. "-- (C) Anchor Bay

My Talk:

Cast were very low profiled actors and actress besides Val Kilmer and Andy Garcia's appearance here and there.

However despite not being in the spotlight of most of the hollywood, Rupert Friend, Richard Coyle and Emmanuelle Chriqui sucked me into the film and guided me along with a very admirable performance and enthusiasm.

A story base on the true events that happen during August 2008, dramatized and of course choreographed into a much more entertaining re-enactment, the story speaks the core value that it wants to show as it is written in the first screen,"The first victim of wat is truth"

Similar to various journalistic war films, the story centers around the very professionalism of journalist seeking out footage to tell a truthful story of a tragedy being cut off from the rest of the world. 

There weren't so many emotional engagement but the story was made in a way that it was both action packed and able to project a strong awareness. 

There were scenes that you would just clench your teeth or turn away , due the brutality of war, it is safe to say that this film was not just about heroic war heroes, but more on the on going efforts to stop war and the many many people who died to take one step ahead of a peaceful world.

The photography director is amazing, the scenery shot and used were stunning, and the direction of the camera showed a very good perception of how it would be like to be trapped between wars.

Explosions and actions were tightly made to engage but lacked the ability to actually let us feel the full pain of it.

The whole movie was predictable but the sequence was all jumble up, you couldn't make heads of tails of who is going to die or who will come but the flow is not affected at all.

The ending was predictable but the sequence to it was not.

War is always a bad thing to be.

I like these type of movies mainly because it shows a lot of respect toward people who take their life as their job as well and in this case the war reporters who strive to bring the best and safest news at all the time.

This movie is probably the movie i like the most within the last 2 weeks of screening, i am surprised that many have not heard of it and sadly it is going to be taken down soon.

Val kilmer looks like sht now!
Wrapping it up:
I would recommend this movie to everyone but kids because there is a fair amount of gore and horrifying truths that might affect them. Young adults should really watch these to get a grasp of what's it like to be on the field.

Did you know?: 
This movie had 3 titles.

City On Fire (Malaysia release)
5 Days of war
5 Days of august

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Mode:

"Respect the value of journalism and never take for granted of the news around us, a film that was underestimate but possess various elements that makes it both a great movie and a reminder..benjaminfoo of


Henry Lee said...

hahaha... i saw the banner but yeah i believe many have not been bothered to watch this movie. Having 3 titles is a bad thing... LOL

benjaminvai said...

Its base on true events, 5 days of war between georgia and russia.

dunno why so many names though.

Caroline said...

oh alright, not my cuppa tea. >.<

Unknown said...

wow really? they had bad reviews for this. val kilmer LOL. and the guy who looks like berbatov

benjaminvai said...

hahah, its a mix review sort of thing, its rotten on tomatoes, but its engaging for me.

But it really needs more emotional involvement. haha.

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