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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Apollo 18


"Decades-old found footage from NASA's abandoned Apollo 18 mission, where two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason the U.S. has never returned to the moon."-IMDB

My Talk:

Nothing much can be said here, it's basically just heavy breathing and talks between the astronauts.Screaming and panicking at times.

Using the moon landing as a theme for the movie, the entire movie was shot in the same way as Paranormal activity and i can go as far as saying it the same style altogether.Astronauts sent to the moon to collect samples and the real reason why no one has went to the moon after Armstrong.(or so they claim), a FEW incidents and it leads to ending, short and unimaginative.

A series of old photage and a bit of editing was all that was needed to produce this movie,however it would require a lot of camera to actually get the perfect angle.

Predictable as ever, anyone would have known what will happen, try hard twist.

Nothing more i can say, its dry, its boring and i nearly fell sleep watching it, others were already asleep.

Wrapping it up:
The movie is not suitable for anyone mainly the kids, i would not recommend it to be watch in the cinema actually if you downloaded it and watch you will find yourself watching a half hour show. There is simply nothing to see , the direction was all wrong and it felt like they are making this for fun.

Rating: 0.5/100
Note: i rated this out of hundred because i thought it would make it look better adding in more criteria cause with the normal system that i have it would be -99/5 .

Critic Mode:
"The film was astonishingly clumsy with tiny loud scares, I have no idea what the screen writers were thinking and it seems like it is taken from the writer's 15 year old diary.A child's imagination put into an adult targeted film that failed in so many ways, there wasn't any clearness and most you see are repeated footage that they need even bother to do some polishing and instead replace it with static and sepia."-benjaminfoo of

Movie screening thx to Nuffnang


kuromeowiie said...

you know what's my fav part in your review?
Rating: 0.5/100 HAHAHAHAHA

Unknown said...

thought you'd take the opportunity to destroy the movie with your review lol

Unknown said...

but shii teck said it was an awesome movie

Henry Lee said...

lol... confirm i wont go watch! XD

benjaminvai said...

@Kuromeowiie haha

@toninkush i was dam sleepy

@sherry maybe i don enjoy this type of movies. but cloverfield was good but thats more action packed

@clevermunkey yes better not

Nana Eddy said...

nyahaha~ what a bad review~~ haha

Koh Kian Fai said...

@Sherry one people say awesome, one people give 0.5/100, how la? LOL

oh well anyways thanks for the feedback hehehe

Isaac Tan said...

that bad hor. I like the way you put Critic mode :)

Caroline said...

alright. Eric was thinking to watch it and taking Isaac's tic but looking at the synopsis, he rejected as he dnt think i can handle this movie. Now reading this, guess we wont even watch it. LOL!!

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