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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aloud Asia Vol 2 - The Concert Day

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For those who don't know what Aloud Asia is about check out the links below

A great event organized by a group of wonderful people, I support Aloud Asia because it provides a great platform for local artists to perform and show us what they got.

Although not highly publicized or supported, artist in Malaysia has great talent and great showmanship that is on par with any other international artist around, it is best to experience it yourself.

Don't worry if you missed Aloud Asia Vol 2, Vol 3 should be right around the corner, subscribe to me or like my page -->〈--- as i continue to keep you guys posted on it these events.

This time around Aloud Asia was held at an earlier time in the same venue as the previous one, Bentley music auditorium at 3pm - 6.30pm.

Why so early? quoted from Sasithedon " because you will have the longest Saturday ever rocking so early"

Without further ado, i would like to introduce the people who performed for Aloud Asia Vol 2.

The opening act was performed by Eliza Thomas

Her voice echoed the bentley music auditorium to get the people into the groove, strong vocals and a sweet melody are her strength.Her song "Tired" was really meaningful and true.

Next up we have Angie Lym who has been playing with different bands all around performing.

She sang a series of up tempo songs , was really entertained by her voice, some how it sound strong and sweet at the same time, really love her "wings of a dove" song, she was giving out a personalized pendrive with her songs in it, but sadly i didn't get it.
She lost her wallet during the show though, kesian. Will continue to support her!
Me listening to her songs posting this!

After 2 melodious driven acts, we moved on to a more rocking mood with Bohemian.

Bohemian started rocking with their fans, they have quite a number of supporters in the crowd, the music they played was not bad , but i guess it lacked showman ship, felt that it wasn't strong enough, but it was still good for easy listening. Overall a good and growing band!

Moving after Bohemian, These rockers came out to party! Introducing Beathesystem.

They came out rocking with their music that was inspired and influenced by Korn and System of a down, though the sounds were extremely similar, they entertained everyone to no end as the energy they brought was amazing. Words are hard to described, i managed to record it down and uplaoded it on youtube.

Before they started to play, the vocalist said their first song was "triple mic check", we thought it was a joke and some laughed, but den it was really their first song, what a teaser LoL.

While the crowd got rocked hard, Paperplan pursuit came in after them to ease up everyone.

These guys came out to serenade, as the crowd sat down and enjoy their music. They even did a cover of Neon trees-Animal which was pretty good.

They have their album on sale that day as well, which i see many fans bought after the show.

Without further ado, next up was one of the bands that gave much inspiration and motivation to the local music scene , Estranged!

Performing various hits and a great cover for Foo Fighters (first time covering a song live) they pretty much gain my acknowledgement as one of the best bands here in Malaysia.

I will be supporting them, and hope they make it big!

The guys who were giving the last act was Altimet.

Famous with their joint project for the Malaysian Boy song, this guys gave a rap alteration to a Malay classic and a few other rap inspired sounds to wrap Aloud Asid Vol 2 with style.

I am really happy and glad that I have taken much interest in the local music scene, thanks to great friends like Melissa, Elwyn, Tony, Black pussyKuromeowie/iris, and Yeong Boon. Really hope i can get more people to come for these gigs in the future!

To all my readers! It is a really good experience to attend it. Support your local industry, cause if we don't *stop* den who will?

Below are the Fanpages of the performers, all are here except Eliza Thomas , i hope she gets a page soon.


Paperplane Pursuit

Angie Lym




and of course

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Angie Lym's limited addition self named Pendrive, really wanted to get this! but din't , this one belongs to Mel.boohoO~

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