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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ZenQ Desserts


"The marketing philosophy of ZenQ Dessert is to combine fashion and tradition and create new style with the youth stream image of the green raccoon. It creates the unique flavors in the products with the strict standard of production control. The fashion interior design gives the Taiwanese traditional desserts brand new perspectives. The HQ makes the franchises have the greater advantages, emphasizes the planning the inside and backside operation and gives 100% skills transferring. Therefore, the win-win situation for the three parties, the Franchisor, the Franchisee and the Consumers, is created."-

ZenQ Desserts consist of delicious dessert recipe and styles originated from Taiwan, Taro Balls ,Shaved Ice and many other products are items that were brought over from a Taiwanese culture to our Malaysian market to let us experience these products as well.

ZenQ Desserts was generous enough to invite a number of bloggers for a dessert tasting event at their Store located in Sunway Pyramid.

Here is a look through the glass of ZenQ Desserts

With a main theme of Green and white, ZenQ generates a rather soothing environment that is perfect for a get together and a reunion session with best friends.

As the event kick started with the introduction of the ZenQ team that will be helping us with the details of the desserts. (From Left is Karen, Henry and Jane.)

The bloggers were quick on their wits and prepping themselves up to take many pictures of the desserts that will soon be presented.

Without Further Adieu.. Here they are the ZenQ dessert models!

Here is the ZenQ Signature topped with Grass Jelly, 3 Flavours of Q yuan and Crystal Glass noodles, it comes on top of ice that is mix with grass jelly and winter melon sweetness, not like the usual overly sweet sugar syrup.That really explains the fresh sweetness i taste in this dessert
Comments: I like it, its moderately sweet and the Matcha Q yuan is awesome.

Green Bean Barley is the name of this Dessert.
Boiled Barley that is imported from Taiwan along side green bear and round pearls gives a clear taste and as an added information, this dessert actually cleanses our system and reduces heatness in the body.
Comment: The clear taste makes me feel healthy when i drink it! A nice healthy dessert to try!

Here we have the Lotus Seed Red Bean Soup. A very basic dessert found around Malaysia but the red bean texture is boiled in good timing so it is not too soft nor too hard.
Comment: Nothing special but it is good for Red Bean lovers!

hehehe, next up the beverages~This is Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea, Baby pearls look like tiny frog eggs and when bitten in the mouth gives a pleasant sensation it's a cold coverage to quench your thirst!
Comment: The baby pearls are fun to eat and the drink cools you off if you are feeling heaty after a walk.*like*

This should be the Taro Milk Tea (correct me if i am wrong ): It has a very strong milk taste to it and the sweetness is just now, once it gets in your mouth you will want more!
Comment: Awesome stuff for me!

Here is the Pearl Milk Tea by ZenQ, a very common drink in the society now but ZenQ makes it worth while to have it all the time!
Comment:Pearls were delicious and the milk tea taste pretty good together, the ratio was right.

TA~DA~! This my readers is the Plum Tomato Juice, a unique drink on the ZenQ menu the name itself sparks a few things in my mind (healthy,fresh and special).
Comment: The one who came out with this drink clearly made sure that people will love it!

This humongous bowl of ice is the Taro Milk Shaved Ice, enough to share between 3 friends and a wonderful blend of ice, sweetness and texture.
Comment: Didn't get to try this due to time constraint, but i know this is what I am getting next time.For sure!

The team was very enthusiastic in getting our feedbacks, well done!

Henry is quite high spirited in his introductory, keep up the good work man.

Paying attention to the intro of the desserts are we?

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Concept Store: Sunway Pyramid F1.15 & F1.16c (Located beside Burger King)

For More info have a look at their facebook page ---> ZenQ Desserts

Also, MilkADeal will be having a deal with ZenQ soon so stay tune for that!

Update: The deal is up check it out now! --->

Here is a great album from our outing at ZenQ by

ZenQ Dessert Bloggers Day! (Album)


tpeng said...

Hi Benjamin!

A great thanks to you again for coming to try our desserts! We do hope you'll come back for more! :)

benjaminvai said...

We enjoyed ourselves.. TQVM

Hilda Milda™ said...

Saw a lot of familiar faces! :D ZenQ is like combination of snowflakes and gongcha haha more competitors coming in >.<

Isaac Tan said...

effective wei! :)

benjaminvai said...

cause i got no back log at the moment. haha

Baboon Tan said...

Didn't have much confident with ZenQ but I will definitely try it out to see their standard! :)

jfook said...

You're fast bro. =D

Nikel Khor said...

Nice one.. hope can join yours soon

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