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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food

On my adventure to Kampar , I found this treasure cave of food that was newly dug and excavated

Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food

A well cleaned sign is always a mark for cleanliness and they are even hiring.

Open for business, they blend in some authentic japanese style as well.

This reminds me of those Shogun era dramas, where the main characters would eat and drink to their hearts fill.

Now the exterior of the place brings a very welcoming glow that attracts many people to give it a try,
Let's venture further and hope into this cave of eatery.

The menu looks well made but it is still a temporary menu, makes me wonder how the official wan would be, the prices are affordable starting from RM 9.90, their motto is providing a Japanese style gourmet that is affordable to all.

If you order the green tea , you get free refills! YES! REFILLS ARE AWESOME.

This is the yakisoba, which is fried japanese noodle with a special sauce, it brings little sweet taste to the dish and the fried onion skin on top of the noodles actually move like it is alive.

This is the Japanese curry set meal, where you get to enjoy curry of japanese origin which is somewhat different from our local curry taste, i could smell it from far, very mouth watering indeed.

These two are the kid platter sets that bring smiles to little children as well as some who are young at heart, i was actually very tempted to order this as well as it looks really cute, the pictures are a bit dark here thanks to the ambience.

This is the chicken chop dish, as hard as i try to make it look like it is not eaten it still looks like it is tampered with cause the one who ordered it had to chomp it down cause it looked soooo good!

Here is wat i ordered, the special omelette noodle! topped with mayo and nitsume sauce, this delicious dish satisfied my taste bud very much, the inside is fried noodles and meat.

Shunka offers other type of fushion dishes such as this nasi lemak for the local food seekers.

A western grilled lamb chop of sizzling hot plate that can be topped with black pepper or original sauce, it comes with sizzling sounds just to make you want it more. Watch out! Don't burn your tongue here.

This isn't you usual coke float, this is a green tea coke float. 
It is very nice as the coke blends well with the green tea flavour.

There are a lot more on the menu but we couldn't order all (although i wish we could)

Shunka offers a lot of different food and provides a good environment to enjoy as well, it's a perfect place for social meetups and friend reunion or just a birthday surprise or a dinner.

Oh, their employees at the Kampar branch are very nice and spirited *like*

Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food
Monday - Sunday
11.30am - 11.30pm

For reservation, please contact:
1. Bukit Mertajam: 04 - 530 4889
2. Parit Buntar: 05 - 716 4889
3. Kampar: 05 - 446 1998


Nava K said...

The omelette with the sauce on top looks so inviting.

benjaminvai said...

Yea, its really nice, and it has a touch of sweetness just to tease ur taste buds

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