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Monday, August 29, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0


Movie In A Glance:

"Young Chef Huang (Namewee) struggles to get his restaurant business going because he cannot adapt to the 'localized' cooking his patrons are looking for. However, contradict to his unpopular cuisine, he is also well-known as 'Hero Huang' in the local neighborhood where he carries out good deed in helping the community until he met Xiao K (Karen Kong) who got him into deep trouble. In order to get his life and the restaurant business back on track, Chef Huang must now seek help from a mysterious hawker stall lady (Adibah Noor), who summons him to embark on the extraordinary journey of his life. During this self-enlightening experience, he will also meet many 'local heroes' each lending their support to help him re-discover his roots and the real hidden message of 'Nasi Lemak'."- GSC

Probably one of the more controversial movies being produced locally, the movie is set to release early September and would probably gather many supporters of Namewee to watch it, after all local films are generally not too shabby. While it took great effort for the movie to see daylight, many would hope that it would not disappoint.  

My Talk:

-Though some familiar faces are involve in the movie, the general acting of the whole movie is fair, it's the typical Malaysian behavior and patterns that are being acted out, its not about good expression or what not, what you see in this movie is just Malaysian actors being Malaysian, although there are some scenes that go way beyond understanding as to why exaggerations were used even though the basic reaction would have suffice, Namewee's acting was acceptable but needs much more improvement on his movement and gestures whilst Karen Kong was on par with the acting of a cute and little annoying girl who sees good in Namewee's character.

-The story seems rather familiar to the Stephen Chow movies " God of Cookery " and "Shaolin Soccer" the story shows a similar flow of intro and conclusion of God of Cookery and the elements of Shaolin Soccer, i would not say it's a rip off but rather inspired by this two movies perhaps.

The movie itself is made for Malaysian audience, where u see the familiarity of current issues every where that is found on Facebook,Twitter and on the news. Some of the subtle messages you should spot are the TNB reference and also a reference to certain political party habits during the climax of the film.

Attitudes and jokes among the society were made clear such as the "tutup mata" and "I am not bangla" remarks, where others that portray a cliche of Malaysian societies like "banana", "ah beng","the local perverts"  and "ecstasy pills taking teenagers"

The part i like the most is how the movie portray certain culture of Malay, Chinese and Indian that is reflected through a series of songs and wisecracks, like Chinese's snobbishness, The Indians Bollywood styles and The Malays bini-bini situations. When you see things in a humorous perception it takes the tension off and you will notice that it's not big deal.

-Nothing much can be said as its nothing to brag about yet the job was pretty decent.

- The last 10 minutes of the film felt rushed and seems like they lost budget. Also it did not show a good conclusion to the messages that were being conveyed throughout the movie. It deserves a nicer perhaps long-winded yet heart warming ending

-Lots of inside jokes that would only be understood if you are the type that is both lame and always talk crap during your yum char sessions. Some of the messages would have been clearer if everyone knew all the languages. haha

Wrapping it up:
- Its a movie for Malaysians no matter young or old, if you are aware of your surroundings and what is going over then this movie is good to go for you. Support the local film industry, they need our help. Movie is amusing to watch because i knew it was lame but yet it does serves it's purpose as a social comedy.

I feel good to be a Malaysian, so watch it! It's not about the money here, it's about supporting Malaysians!

Rating: 2/5 - * It's low because it needs a lot more polishing but it's messages are more than clear!
Special Rating: 4/5 if you are a Malaysian and you love Malaysia. 

Don't forget to check out this specially made site for the movie, it's quite well done.-->NasiLemak2.0

Movie thanks to Henry Lee, author of


Nikel Khor said...

nice one..

Unknown said...

yeah i thought the plot is very common indeed. but i wouldn't rate it as low as 2 la haha

benjaminvai said...

too bad we all different hall la. this type show must sit together oni good to laugh wan. so many subliminal messages. but the walao eh walao eh part dam annoying. i wont use that word anymore.

But dam crave nasi lemak now.

Isaac Tan said...

muahaha im back to "re-commment".


Ok, recomment done. LOL

Hilda Milda™ said...

I can't believe Namewee is acting LOL but still can't wait to catch this movie in the cinema!

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