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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Favorite Smurf

La la la la la la ~ la la la la la la~

Yes, the tune of the smurf theme song from way back when i was only 5, the cartoon that i would watch every single day. I could remember my self rushing back from Tadika Chim Section 14 when class was over at 3.30, just to catch the Smurfs on TV2 4pm.

Then, they changed it to 3.30 pm and i end up watching the end bits of each episode and then slowly i grew out of them. It's just the circle of life, but it doesn't mean i have forgotten about them.

So now they are making a movie for this classic cartoon, I was surprised to see that they actually went through with it considering the target back then are now 20+ or older. I doubt my brother who is 16 would now what exactly is the smurfs but it is still a fond memory in which i hope to recall when i watch this movie. I like nostalgia~

Well, from the looks of the trailer it seems the story shows the smurfs getting lost in our realm and being chased by a dark wizard.

I have no worries because i know my childhood favorite smurf will save everyone!


Clumsy smurf has always been my favorite smurf because he is the one that makes me laugh when i was a kid with his dimwitted stunts and clumsiness.

Clumsy is gonna be the smurf who saves everyone , he might look like the one causing all the trouble all the time but he has what we call the idiot philosophy. The smurfs are gonna get lost when they reach the city, but clumsy will always stumble upon different escape routes and multiple direction that leads to safety.

With Clumsy's uncanny ability to discover new methods and ideas, he will lead the smurfs back to the village by being washed down the sewer, finding a nearby cardboard box to shelter from the rain, stepping on a cats tail and being chased by it to the right direction, being found by the dark wizard only to be tripped by Clumsy's absent mindedness and opening a magical portal back to the smurf village and leaving the dark wizard trapped in the human realm.

That is how Clumsy would save the day, fools luck some might call it. but i will call it...
An enormous amount of a smurf's luck!

The Smurfs

So don't forget to check out the Smurfs in 3D for that childhood reminiscence!


Hilda Milda™ said...

All the best! :D

Koh Kian Fai said...

good luck hehehe :)

~Joeanney~ said...

good luck :)

Isaac Tan said...

Good luck bro! said...

My favourite smurf would probably be the hot looking chick :) All the best in the contest.

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