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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lulla Man ผู้ชายลัลล้า 2011


Movie in a glimpse
3 best friends, 3 fun loving affair having best friends. Who finds excuses every single time they are nearly caught by their wives suddenly finds themselves out of excuses and alibis, and when their wives close in on uncovering the truth, a series of funny, illogical and go-lucky moments occur causing a rather big commotion over the lives of these 3 main characters.

My talk:
I have an interest with films that are not spoken in the mainstream languages such as English and Chinese, and Thai film are one of the languages that I watch occasionally.

Since I roughly knew what I was about to expect in these kind of Thai romantic comedy, I went in the hall with an open mind. True enough, the movie was within my prediction and being used to the methods and ways of Thai comedies i went through the whole show without any trouble to accepting it’s script writing and acting.

One can expect a huge amount of Thai vulgarity, a big dose of Laugh Out Loud lameness and a mind of confusion when they leave the cinema, you will end up thinking whether you enjoyed it or despise it.

Stamped and mailed

The movie is not for the children and not for the people who expect any quality work, the flow of the movie did not go smoothly as there were scene shifts that did not have a good transition.

It’s a movie for those who want to watch a different type of movie and for those who just seeks lameness and predictable funnies that no matter how much you try to hold it in , there will still be parts that will leave you laughing and clueless to why you have laughed.

Thai production takes things to an extreme level and I am sure there are some pretty good Thai horror movies, this movie is a Thai “romantic comedy”  that will leave you thinking if the ending was a happy ending at all.

Movie reviews by others:
Coming Soon

Rating: 1.5/5

This free screening was gifted to me because i won a blog post thing in the link below.



Isaac Tan said...

lol, lame but nice movie la bro :) wah, your red font is glowing or something? I thought my eyes problem for a while there

benjaminvai said...

made so error when i was posting, trying to remove the text back ground color. haha

kuromeowiie said...

the movie took too long time ady..damn sien lo><

bendan said...

Harr... low rating geh. Hmm~ should I watch it?? It looks funny eh, suitable for me. =D

benjaminvai said...

@kuro, yea it kinda dragged cause it had bad flow.

@kahmon, watch with empty expectation , den its ok de. haha but don waste so much to watch la

Unknown said...

luckily didnt go huhu

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