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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gong Fu Kitchen

"Welcome to GONG FU Kitchen, where memorable culinary experience awaits you!
The name, GONG FU, is not only inspired by the spirits of Kung Fu martial art, but it also embrace the rich heritage of culinary secrets passed on from many generations in China.
We invite you to enjoy the signature delicacies specially crafted by our Chefs, such as the double boiled soups, cheong fun, clay pot rice, congee and dumplings - traditional cuisines preserved over a thousand years.
Each dish is prepared by our highly-skilled chefs using top quality ingredients with no MSG to ensure the authenticity in taste and emphasize on the art of cultivating good health naturally.
At GONG FU Kitchen, we are the master of longevity." - Menu of Gong Fu Kitchen

After reading such a detailed notice of a food restaurant who could resist checking it out just to feed our foodriousity, thanks to MsMiao ,some lucky and fast handed bloggers had the opportunity to explore into Gong Fu Kitchen in search of it's gourmet treasures.

The interior is decorated with chinese theme paintings and furniture with an open kitchen and a pretty nice looking counter.
Looking at Tony's face you can see we are very hungry and excited to just eat!

The food was served pretty quick and here I present to you the feast that was provided by Gong Fu Kitchen

Double cooked soup with Sun-dried vegetable, it's very clear taste gives a refreshing feel for the night.

Six treasure wan-ton soup with noodles, one of the main dishes of the night the filling for the wan-ton has a very strong flavour and when complemented with the clear soup and noodles gives a very harmonized taste.

Braised lamb with noodles, the lamb is marinated and braised to be very rich in flavor that provides a strong taste to be eaten with the noodle.

Chee Cheong Fun with egg and vegetable, something that i have not tried before but it taste so good, the sweetness of the egg provides a very nice unison with the plain Chee Cheong Fun and vegetable.

Mui Choy with minced meat, another dish that has strong taste in its meat and vegetable, it complements well with the rice underneath it.

Century egg with Sliced pork, A congee dish that is really tasty, because there are no additives added to add flavor u can taste the actual flavor of the ingredients used and need not be thirsty after that.

Chee Cheong Fun with Yau Char Kueh, perhaps the most unique dish of the day, Crunchy Yau Char Kueh with soft silky Chee Cheong Fun opposite in nature but taste so good when eaten together!

Pan Fried dumplings, A very common dish to be seen nowadays but the filling for this is pretty tasty and when dipped and eaten with the ginger is a fine snack dish.

Teng Zai Congee, mixed with a lot of ingredients like pork belly, sotong, fish and more, the congee provides a satisfying flavor that taste so good when eaten.

Gong Fu Kitchen thrives on it's ideal to provide great food without any additives such as ajinomoto, the food might taste bland to some but it is the sweet taste of original ingredients that makes the food special and wondrously healthy and i know my mom would love this place.

Suitable for gatherings and family dinners, the ambiance in Gong Fu Kitchen is nice and the theme used works well with it's concept but it could need more space once more people know about them.


Open until 22:00
Mon - Sun:10:00-22:00

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