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Monday, August 8, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger


Movie in a glimpse:
Steve Rogers a man who was weak and small but possesses a great amount of righteousness and courage was given a chance to serve his country over the war.
A film that marks how it all began for Captain America (improvised of course)

My talk:
The main hype about this movie is most probably due to the fact that you just have to watch it to get yourself ready for The Avengers movie next year.

Chris Evans is well chosen to be one of the many hero faces of the marvel studios movie projects because he is good looking and charming much like his soon to be ally Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. Girls would swoon over this two guys.

The effects of the film were done in high standards being the typical marvel studio movie and coming from the same special effects team as Iron-man and Thor.

Casting was done appropriately using the same formula for all recent Marvel movies, Hot Hunk+ Hot Chick with spunky attitudes and lots of action sequences.

The addition of Tommy Lee Jones to the movie brings about a rather familiar portrayal of his Men in Black days and brings about small laughs and certain bad assery for the movie.

This movie gave me the feeling that everything was written to prepare Captain America for The Avengers film next year and brings all this Marvel superheroes a movie franchise that is different from the comics thus a new arc for the heroes.

You will need to watch all the recent marvel movies to get the whole idea and link it all up to the Avengers movie next year.

Stamped and mailed:

It’s a great action movie for all ages, the genre is very typical and most people will find it enjoyable.

Don’t worry about wasting your money for this one, it is recommended.
Something to tell:

As many have already watched the scene after ALL the credits, not the one where Captain America wakes up at the end, there is something else after all the thank yous and you might have watched it on youtube or you think it’s not worth the wait but it is ! I saw it on youtube and the impact was completely different in the cinema so don’t you dare miss out on the teaser trailer of the Avenger.

(I hate how they always do this after credit things, u wait so long for it to come out and sometimes the cinema just cuts you short especially midnight movies, and there are some movies you think they might have a scene but they don’t *facepalm*

Other reviews of the same movie:

Rating: 3/5

After some feedback from the readers, here is the after credit trailer that ppl tend to miss. the quality is blur but this is the best i can find so far. if got any clearer wan pls let me noe


cheahwey said...

can you send me the YToob vid for the after after credits scene? havent heard of it...

cheahwey said...

oh nvm, i think i know which one it is

benjaminvai said...

actually i cant seem to find the full teaser on youtube, they only show a small fast forward version. they showed more when i was in the cinema, there was a scene where chris evan was punching a sand bag

Nikel Khor said...

NIce movie

Unknown said...

Can't understand how some people find it better than Thor.

benjaminvai said...

@nikel, yea its cool

@toninkush, i see no difference in any of them anymore. it's just fan service films.

Ken Wooi said...

i want watch it soon!

Caroline said...

regret big time watched this! =.= i thought it was a cool movie but ended up a huge disappointment. summore the bad guy lose so easily. i think this movie missing something. sigh... but but.. agree no more with the gud looking hero! >.<

benjaminvai said...

haha , caroline, very typical wan- they building up hype for the Avengers.

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