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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

boatHouse TTDI


Located at the residential areas of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, this cozy and classy restaurant provides a comfortable feel and a classy ambience that provides a very nice environment for a lovely meal.

I had the privilege to join a group of awesome bloggers and wonderful people to attend a food tasting session here. =^^=

The Interior of the place is very unique as it resembles the interior of a boat thus the name boatHouse, as i step into the restaurant i was enveloped in shades of dim lights the emitted a cozy atmosphere.

The lower deck of the restaurant provides a dining experience that is both relaxing and engaging whilst the upper deck has a bar counter and some activities which you can enjoy such as darts and pool.

We were served with a very nice fruit punch drink which i happen to drank a lot XD.

The appetizers were the first to be served and what a nice spread it was!

First we have fresh oysters with caviar that was heavenly, even though i am not a fan of oysters but these were amazing!

Pork balls minced and marinated while wrapped with Bacon strips! (Epic Meal Time!) opened up much of my appetite and got MY engine started~ vroooom vrooom!

Probably my favorite amongst the three! Roast pork fried with garlic, dried chili and brandy crisp to perfection and explosions of joy in your mouth, very nice indeed.

Main Course
Here is an amazing dish, the Holland Pork Ribs, cooked under controlled fire and marinated and braised with a sweet sauce that is seeped into every part of the meat, this dish is a satisfying happy meal for all who love meat. 

Oglio pasta with scallop, seasoned with poppy seeds, black pepper and dry chili powder, the pasta blends spiciness and freshness of the scallop making the dish simply delicious and mouth watering by just smelling it.

The Beef Steak was cooked in a very professional manner and it was perfectly done in tip top condition, cokked on the outside and rare on the inside , meat lovers just can't get enough of this steak and there is also gravy to come with it that is just saucy!

Fettucini with rocket leaves along with beef slices makes a very aromatic pasta dishes that sends signals to your stomach that more good food are sliding in so get ready cause you just cant have enough of this.


This dreamy orange sauced pancake with an ice cream topping seemed so tempting and once it slips into your mouth a burst of joyful sensation comes out due to the sourish taste of the orange and the sweetness of the ice cream mixed with the soft texture of the pancake slices. mmmmmm~

The item to end a wonderful dinner is none other than this Banana Chocolate Souffle, you will need to eat the Souffle in 3mins or else it will collapse, dig in with your cutlery and scoop up the tasty chocolate filling that is just deliciously amazing.~ ~ ~ ~ 

This was the Beef Steak!

Nuffies from Nuffnang, Karen and Linda.

Sixthseal and his partner 

Tian Chad and his partner.(sorry bro, we were on the same side)

Awesome people whom i am lucky to meet ( not in picture TianChad and partner)

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All information can be found in their awesome website below

If you need a place to chill out and hang out, this cozy sanctuary is a great place to enjoy the company of good friends and the people there are friendly too!

MilkADeal is currently having a deal with boatHouse click the link below now for more info!

---->boatHouse awesome deal with MilkADeal<----

ps, would like to apologize for the low picture quality, my phone was having an emo day. XD.


Isaac Tan said...

looks like a really nice place to have dinner at. Nice sharing bro

bendan said...

Looks comfortable wor!! ^u^ Attract me most is the oyster & yummm yumm desserts!! Expensive dining, not?

Hilda Milda™ said...

I want the pork balls with bacon strips *drools* but it looks like an expensive place to dine at T_T

benjaminvai said...

Once in a while, its ok la. haha

Nikel Khor said...


Henry Tan said...

the food looks tempting! and the environment! but what about the price?

benjaminvai said...

The price is a bit higher den the norm, but it's standard for a restaurant of this caliber.

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