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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog Day 2011

Looks the Blog Day has arrive again, and this year will be the first year I am celebrating it , *marks calender as blog day*. According to Nuffnang, Blog day is tomorrow? 31st August?

Well i think everyday is a blog day! I started blogging 3 years ago but was not active till recently and being active has helped me discover many great blogs and great friends and great adventures around Malaysia and sometimes beyond that as well.

So what I am gonna do today is feature 6 blogs that has either inspired me or driven me into the passion of blogging!

First up,
We have with it's author Toninkush

Recently changed layout, this blog uses the blogger template that is focus on the theme simple black which is very suitable for movie reviews as it is both straight to the point and easily read.

Toninkush mainly blogs about

  1. Movies- Main
  2. Events
  3. Food
Toninkush has helped me establish myself in the blogging community and his reviews are pretty simple but informative in the sense that he brings out the core elements of the movie so that his readers would be able to decide whether they want to watch the movie a not in a split second.

I probably would not be here if it weren't for Toninkush's frequent updates that always remind me to keep myself in sync and drive my passion to write blogs from the heart.


Next up we have by it's author Charistz/Julz

Charistz has a personal blog which is private but in this blog, it's all bout the GazettE a japanese visual kei rock band.

The blog shows various scans of the band and many concert coverages as well, it's very inspiring to see how being a fan of a rockband and drive someone to maintain a blog just like this. A pure epic fandom blog.

Charistz updates her blog regularly about once a week, but the archive she has is very impressive and most of it are pictures scan by herself. Her reader consist of mostly fans of the same band and you should check it out as she clearly puts much love in every post.

The blog uses a simple black them that is suitable for the bands darker image. 


Alright! here lets look at this handsome dude by Mr Definite.

A pretty bright page and a little picture of the blogger himself, this blog focuses on discussing about SEO and MMO topics with addition of normal daily events.

I come to this blog often in search of tips and tricks to further upgrade my blogging prowess. The Author is very witty in his explanation and refrains from using strong terms and prefers to explain things in simplicity.

A trendy blog that explains some of the mechanics in today's internet.

The blog uses a lighter theme and creates great visuals to go with it, yes the big face helps A LOT! haha

Keeping the bright themed blogs flow going up next is by it's author Isaac is a lifestyle blog by lifestyle blogger Isaactan, he records the day to day events of his life just like how the header explains.

You can expect a lot of local food introduction as well as classy events being featured here as the blogger updates his blog almost everyday with a new place a new item every single time.

The blog was create in a motive to record his day to day happenings from the time he proposed and was accepted by his Fiance, Janice.

This dude is gonna have a field day when he blogs about his upcoming wedding and when he gets a family, so we can expect a family blog from this guy soon! haha

Simple is the key word with this blog .

Lets move over to the tech side of life, and when i say tech i actually mean games most of the time
Check out by Jason !

This blog strives on video game reviews of all kinds, and provides up to date video game news that gives u a head up on whats coming and whats hot

The Author is witty in his writing and the simple and direct terms used helps even the newest of newbies to understand how things work or how good a game is.

Simple template for a blog, but informative. I come here to see whats hot and whats not.

And here will be a food blogger by Nikel, This dude eats everywhere!

 This guy is everywhere, he is also known as Papago kaki.

I find myself starving as i look into the gourmet meals that he have all the time everywhere, he blogs mostly about food and sometimes event, and he is a photographer as well, takes great pictures.

Find yourself bored tonight looking for a good place to eat. Then head over to this blog and see what adventures are in store for you!


There are so many blogs which i can mention , sharing is always caring. so below here are the blogs that i frequent all the time, i label them as Awesome people who blog. feel free to check them out!

There are many more blogs out there that i might have missed, u can let me know in the comment section and i will add u ! Sorry! hehe

Thanks Nuffnang for giving the idea of doing post like this!


Caroline said...

i saw mine! thanks for the mention! ;)

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nice post!

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I saw mine too! Thank you for mentioning! *proud* LOL!

Isaac Tan said...

omg awesome, thanks bro! Have a field day with blog day too :)

Really appreciate you mentioning my blog over here. Made my day.

Thanks again !

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Heya Benjamin. Thanks so much for the mention. Great site you have here!!

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WOW, am honoured, mofo. thanks! hope you'd win this shyt!

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Woots I saw my link too! :D Indeed sharing is caring, hope you'll win this, all the best :D

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