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Monday, August 22, 2011

Afternoon Tea-Time at The Lounge,G Tower


G Tower Hotel has many facilities that is simply top notch and fancy in it's classy way, you got bars and restaurants places to hang out and chill. 

Here is another place where you can have nice cozy catch up with your friends. Let me introduce to you

The Lounge

Simple and bright, the lounge provides ample lighting and space for a comfortable afternoon tea with friends. The menu for The Lounge is filled with choices of cakes and pastries with a variety of beverages alongside it.

The thing that catches everyone's attention would be the triple tiered combination of sandwiches,pastries and cakes that is bound to complete anyone's afternoon tea session.

Triple Tiered Tower

Each level is categorized by the type of item it holds.




Each item is well made and delightful.

The cakes were the right amount of sweetness and special in it's variety of sweet and sour flavors.

The Pastries were fresh and delicious, with different fillings and flavors in each of them.

The Sandwiches were made with fresh ingredients and blended well with other meat that was put in it to give a very satisfying taste.

*take note that the selection for the three tier tower is based on the chef's discretion and may vary at the time one might just to have a visit.*

Thank you G Tower for holding such a delightful afternoon tea for us to try out the three tiered tower, we all had a wonderful time bonding and chatting away for sometime, it was so comfortable there that we lost track of the time.

MilkADeal will be having an Afternoon Tea deal with The lounge at the end of August so please stay tune to this post as details will be updated soon.


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Isaac Tan said...

Lol like like too!

Unknown said...

soon soon... after Gong Fu post... lol

Unknown said...

soon soon... after Gong Fu post... lol

Ken Wooi said...

i want some!

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