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Monday, July 18, 2011

True Discovery: A Reptile exploration.

I have always been an animal lover, and animals fascinate me.

Even now i always want to go zoo though people say it's boring but my girl will ikut wan cause she likes em too.

So we arrived at True Discovery, a place located at I city Shah Alam where they have in their care a great variety of reptiles for you to see and be amazed.

They have a lot of huge reptiles such as this awesome medium-sized iguana.

I am calling this guy "Bruno"

Then we have different sorts of weird looking frogs ( i am scared of them )

I call this fella Jimbo
Moving on from Jimbo the real life emoticon, we proceeded in seeing snakes and lizards who in my opinion looks really cool and stylish. Check some of these guys out man.

These guys are fast and probably the length of 2 index fingers.

This is Robert, he think he is damn awesome hanging there.

Jerry likes to look at red lights.

Yes, Jeremy is sleeping. Shhhh

Suzy is camera shy guys.

Samantha is actually undressing, it's a rare sight, and we were lucky enough to witness it.
There was also a monkey, the worlds second smallest monkey.

Meet St. Gabriel
There were also birds of a few sorts that were friendly enough to kiss you . ^^ . very cute birds. 

From left, Suanie(LOL, real name i think), Idiot (yes , he really looks like an idiot), Sunshine,  fork and spoon.

and also the awesome people who showed us around the amazing place.

Awesome people!

True Discovery is located at 
I-City K02-1 Block K, I-City Section 7

For more info visit their website

Or facebook page:

The admission fee is about RM36 for 2 pax and pictures with snakes or birds.

But MilkADeal will be coming with an exclusive promotion so stay tune.

My point of view: 

The place is really nice and serene for the animals and the workers are really well trained and pleasant, it's really a great experience for friends and family alike and definitely worth the trip.

The place is also on the same row as the Laser Warzone; Laser tag arena which i went earlier.

*all names were given by me and are in no relation with their real name. cheers.


Isaac Tan said...

A nice place if you're into learning more about reptiles! It was so awesome we could get to see a snake shed its skin that day. :)

Koh Kian Fai said...

hahaha what la u name all the animal!

sure is a nice place to hang out

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