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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Transformer 3 : Dark of the Moon

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Before u read the transformer review below. Click the link and see what's really important.

Movie in a glimpse
Seriously I couldn’t be bordered to re-write something that has been around the web since a long time not to mention on Wikipedia as well.

Transformer 3: Dark of the moon, a story telling of what actually happened on the moon when man’s first step on the moon for a reason far greater than just being part of the heavens.

A plot to rebuild Cybertron using resources from earth, the autobots stayed on earth and help with its many peace oriented missions (yea right) and keeping a good watch in case any Decepticons decide to wreak havoc once again to jeopardize humanity and the planet earth.

My talk:
Ah yes, the third installment to the transformer movie franchise, when I watched the trailers I was not excited by it at all. It felt like I was watching a whole different show.

So I finally got to watch it with my family yesterday as my aunt bought the tickets 2 weeks earlier. The movie started off pretty draggy and it went high pace during the last 20 minute.

The story proved to be quite obvious for frequent movie goers so the story didn’t matter much to me anymore it’s the typical saving the earth moment type of story.

The whole thing was just an eye candy and action junkie type of film, explosions and metal clanking and more explosion and vehicle transforming.

Things that matter to me in the movie.

1.    I love the convoy scenes when the autobots are in vehicle form and they were speeding along the great dessert and shit like that it just felt cool.
2.    Epps (Tyrese Gibson) had probably the most influential line in the movie which was “why do they (Decepticon) always get the good shit.
3.    When you saved the world twice and got Shit after that pretty much messes up with your head.

Things that made me die a little inside.
1.    The number of autobots saddens me deeply.
2.    The choice of Autobots casted for this movie is pretty bad considering there were many more useful autobots than the wreckers and dino.
3.    Soundwaveß--- to fans of the animation franchise I believe you noe what I mean
4.    If there is a big mean spiky dick thing that is tearing down buildings and shit, u make it a priority to take it down first , it would have saved a lot more Asses.
5.    All autobots were practically useless besides Optimus and Bumblebee, they prove to be no threat besides taking out 1 or 2 Decepticons.
6.    The whole sentinel prime thing just annoys me.

Megan Fox vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Much commotion being raised from the change of actress in the movie, but for me, Rosie Huntington is my choice, never and will never be a Megan Fox fan, but it seems pretty farfetched to just switch the girlfriend considering in the second movie it took Megan and Shia a whole movie to actually mean to say I love you to each other.

Stamped and mailed.


Everyone should go watch the movie, it’s for all genders and there were many great action sequences and it definitely had more hand to hand combat then the second movie.

Watch it because it differs from every different person, some would say it sucks because no Megan ( that’s like saying there are no girls in a straight porn flick) , some would say the story sucks and some would say it’s awesome.

For me, it’s transformers so you would just watch it cause it’s transformers.

If there is gonna be a reboot, I really hope they focus it more on the transformers then the stupid humans.

Better Better movie reviews:

Rating: 2/5

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