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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight Review


Movie in a glimpse
If you had a chance to do the things that you have missed out in high school, would you do it or would you just think of it as something stupid and should not be done anymore, this is a movie about a night where few friends decide to finally to start where they did not start.

My talk:
The actors that were cast for this movie are pretty basic, they were not star class actors or actresses but had experience in teen movies most of the time, although they were a bit old to portray the characters now, they did try their best.

The whole plot is very typical, it’s a basic regret what you have not done in high school kinda thing and I am sure many people more or less will find themselves somewhat related to some of things that is being presented in the movie, the only problem was that it was a bit unreal. There are so many things that they would not have got away with if it was in real life but it is a representation of some of the things we might not have done when we were younger but the true question is probably.

“Would you have given yourself another chance if it’s in front of you now?’

Stamped and mailed
A pretty simple movie following the plot of many movies before that show teens having trouble or getting second chances to do the things they regret didn’t do.

It would probably relate to many young adults from the 80s generation so it’s a movie that is probably like an equivalent to the book “chicken soup for the teenage soul”


Special notes:
There are times when I just lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling, right before I fall asleep there are times when I see the things I have gone through in life and there are bound to be things you wished you had done and didn’t do but in reality~ isn’t it better to look into the past and just tell yourself-

“Hei! Don wry I am doing my best to make the best out of my life so don’t feel bad about yourself in the past ya?

Better Better movie reviews:

Rating: 2/5

Premiere screening thanks to ChurpChurp


bendan said...

U're fast too. Well, nice review!! Had a good time with u guys!! =D

Ken Wooi said...

i wont even consider watch this type of movie in the cinemas.. hehe :P said...

I guess I'll just watch this when it comes on Astro :)

Unknown said...

Nice review! Definitely sounds like your typical teenage movie; but I love Topher Grace so I definitely have to see about watching this movie! I just started subscribing and working with DISH Network so I got Blockbuster by mail free for three months so I'll definitely be adding this one to my queue. Check it out :)

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