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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MTV world stage 2011 Malaysia

After the Incubus concert, I had tickets to yet another rock out event on Sunday.

The MTV world stage tickets i have won from Twisties Band Hero Party 2 weeks back.

Girlfriend was back for MTV world stage and both of us were ready to rock.

Isaac,Janice,Elwyn,Qian,Tony,Iris,Mel, Tong sheng, Ken Wooi were also there but we some how got separated due to the difference in pass type.

Arrive bout 5 and the place was already kinda swamped, and for those who didn't know, the venue is at I-city, Shah Alam.

MTV world stage is being held every year at different places and was shoot to be a TV concert sensation and will be showing 8/8/2011 on channel 713 astro.

The line was pretty long but it moved quite fast. They performed spot checks as cameras and video recorders were not allowed.

We went in after a while of waiting and we could see that the front was already packed.

Before i go further i would like to inform you that there were 4 groups performing , they are  Popshuvit, B2ST, Neon Trees and 30 Seconds To Mars.

So the crowd consist of two different group of people, one that is here for Neon Trees + 30 Seconds To Mars and another for B2ST. I was probably one of the few who were excited for Popshuvit because i support Malaysia's entertainers as much as foreign ones.

The Emcees for the night were VJs from MTV of course and show was blast off by our very own Popshuvit, and i must say i was truly impressed by how they brought out the heat in everyone and got everyone jumping and chanting.

The crowd were on their feet, but then we had to chill off cause they took about 30 mins to go to the next Artist, the not so beastly korean Kpop boy band B2ST, the wait was kinda annoying and boring as hell.

A funny thing happen here, through the crowd 3 korean boys and a korean camera man came next to us and started shooting, i think they are from MTV korea or something cause clearly they were commenting on the concert in korean. Then the kids behind us were like point and shouting B2ST is here, and some people looked. LOL.

then lights sparked and music started to roll. Flashing light patterns and the back ground of the stage lit up, and they were on.

They sand some of their more popular songs and got the fan girls cheering so loud but to be fair they did a pretty nice job la for the girls most of the time, they are performers after all. *pats them on their back*

And then there was a pause, this intermission gave ample time for the fan girls to leave, such a waste of time if you leave just like that. sigh. but its ok la more space for me. haha.

After another long wait, the evergreen Neon Trees is up and i only heard of this band when Elwyn intro to me earlier and i really love their sounds. They performed some of their hits and Tyler the lead singer has really good showmanship showing their passion to the crowd and getting the crowd roaring and jumping with their last and best hit " Animals" <-- been listening to this song a lot lately.

They rocked so hard and we were let down once again because have to wait another 30 mins for next band to be ready. Who is the next band you may ask? Its 30 seconds to Mars!

Probably one of the most notable and powerful song they sang were This is war and Closer to the edge that got the whole 15000 ++ crowd wild , looking at the screen you could EVERYONE jumping and swinging their arms it was a glorious sight, and then Jared Leto lead vocal decided to pick 2 lucky fellas on stage and man were those two lucky, and their friend was invited a while later. 4 of them probably the coolest kid on the block that night. He sang a slowed down version of hurricane and the kill, one of my favorite songs since they first album till date and it was electrifying, definitely a man with great vocal talent.

This is the sad part, my phone died when they came out. only got two pictures =( . but they rocked so hard i was all dizzy after that.have to go KFC to chill out. haha, Girlfriend was really happy =) .

They did an encore with the song kings and queens and got more people on stage but by that time 30-40%  people already left. haha

So i had a rocking good time, but only prob was the wait in between. took out some of the thrill in it.



:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Yeah, I was there too !! So fun and what a great experience. =D

Isaac Tan said...

sweet, at least your pictures turned out nice. mine was just so sad. I did not bring in my camera! :(

benjaminvai said...

Lolly, hahah yea yea it was really a great awesome experience!

Isaac, thats why u need a phone with good camera+ a good camera+ a good phone. haha. its a combination

Isaac Tan said...

lol! hmm, sounds like i need everything! :) Gratz on the new domain bro. I'm proud of you :)

Queennie said...

OMG ! BEAST !! *scream*

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