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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Larry Crowne movie review


Movie in a glimpse
Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is a dedicated and efficient worker at a chain of market call the “Umart”, he finds himself being taken off the force and left unemployed over reasons regarding his education backgrounds.

Larry struggles with loans and debts and ultimately with life, but his good nature and professionalism in taking life by his hands helps him out in more ways than one.

My talk:
It’s been quite some time since I felt so good about a movie, Larry Crowne is a feel good romantic slice of life comedy that takes us back to the roots of life and being a student.

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are some of the well known names in the industry both having various awards in their hands and portrayed various characters that are still remembered in my heart such as Forest Gump and Erin Brokovich. There was definitely chemistry between the two veteran actor/actress but the movie revolves around more than just Larry.

Stamped and mailed
The message is quite simple, and throughout the movie you will find yourself laughing and smiling at some of the most modern heartwarming scenes simply because it is relatable to us in so many ways, its subtle humor points carries throughout the show it's not always laugh out loud type but the laugh which makes you smile at the same time.

A movie that is for those who would like to see and feel a glimpse of human goodness and dedication in what one can do.

Larry Crowne inspired me in more ways than one tonight.

I can give you more details but my words can't describe what you would relate to in the film. =) watch it, it's very nice.

Choose to watch it anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in the cinemas *wink* it’s one of those feel good movie that is a great feed for the soul.

Special Notes
 The ending credits are quite colorful and cute.

This screening was brought to me by àlinkß

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Rating: 4/5


Koh Kian Fai said...

this movie is good, it make me feel better :) hahah my bad mood is temporary gone hehehe

Sam Wong said...

I also at the curve...Hehe....really funny movie...!!:p

Isaac Tan said...

Not a bad movie la! Sentimental yet funny at the same time. But actually would have preferred if it was funnier. Needed more LOL moments. Hehe

Henry Lee said...

not bad ah the rating, either im downloading this or head to the movie la over the weekend :)

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