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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Incubus Live in KL with Tune Talk

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Firstly i just wanna say "Wow", there is actually a chance for me to win tickets to go for my first concert in this 23 years of my life and to top it all. AN INCUBUS CONCERT.

I am not a fan of any music genre, what sticks to me, inspires me and basically sends goosebumps all over my body are the musics i like. Incubus's music give me a sense of solitude and freedom.

The Band i would like to see open for Incubus would be Incubus themselves.

But of course if it were the local bands of course i would choose "Rosevelt", cause they impress me with their melody.

There are various ways i can promote them to help them gain votes. i can spam them on my wall. i can tweet out their page i can even share a video or two or write a dedicated post just for them.

But all this are too general and too pushy, i m gonna put their video in my HTC Desire HD, and play it wherever i go, and when people meet me or shake to the beat. i will let them noe who i am listening to and immediately let them sign in on my phone vote.

I walk a lot of places so i m always able to meet people, especially when i take the public transport like LRT. The music sucks in the LRT so my phone will attract everyone and people will be interested.

Here is the link where you can vote for them!


With a local band to get the rocking started for Incubus, what could go wrong!!!

So excited , don ever ever forget to share tis out guys!

1 comment :

Henry Lee said...

incubus ah! all the best! :D

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