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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hangover 2


Movie in a glimpse
The wolfpack is back and now Stu is getting married, this time things get ugly in Bangkok , Foreigners in a foreign country got hungover and can’t remember anything that has happened the night before, a story so strangely familiar.


My talk:
I love the first movie, and even though the story the plot is the same I still love it because the characters are so lovable besides Mr. Ken Jeong who is just annoying.

Shifting the scene from Las Vegas to Bangkok, the events of the previous movie still fresh in Stu’s mind especially even with all the precautions taken they miscalculated genius Alan’s unpredictability and got screwed up once again.

The only difference this time, the groom is the one moving about trying to make up for *lost time*.

Even though some of the jokes are pretty lame and not funny, there were still moment that you will think how seriously messed up things can actually get.

Watch it and just let it take you on a ride once again with the wolfpack.

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With a cast that portrays a group of different characters shows just how it is when a group of good friends take care of situation based on their own personality, the cast did just that. A group of screwed up friends getting screwed.

The movie is much better if you have watched the first one, you just need to stop comparing, the same thing happen but it’s in a different land now, and when u bring foreign idiots to a foreign place the results are pretty crazy.

I didn’t like how they make Bangkok seem like the worst place on earth though.

This movie is for teens and young adults who just wanna see people get beat up and shit, Vulgarity and sexual violence is expected so keep the Children safe.

Special notes:
The Credits was pretty awesome, they followed the same style as the previous movie.
And Stu’s wife played by Jamie Chung is super hot. ^^

They censored Chow smoking cocaine and some sexual scenes plus a bit of the pictures at the end just so you know but all was good.

And for the haters.
The movie was not intended to have a fresh plot, if it was a fresh plot den it would not be named hang over anymore. Same plot Same ending, Different shit. 

"Like you would have guessed where the brother in law was in the first place"

Better Better movie reviews:
Coming Soon

Rating: 3/5

Movie screening thanks to Nuffnang MY


Isaac Tan said...

didnt watch hangover 1, but this 2nd part was good for me XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

the thai looks sexy but at the end he has a huge cock . . . no comment and it is good that they censored it . . . no nightmare for me lol

benjaminvai said...

Watch the first one then

haha yea kf sure nightmare

Ken Wooi said...

i think the trailer was awesome.. so much fun and excitement.. haha.. but still not yet watch :P

Anonymous said...

haha 1 or 2 i still think the movie was great for a laugh. I loved it when stu was like.. you put your semen in me?? wakakkakaka

benjaminvai said...

it's really good for a laugh!

Unknown said...

woots same rating again!

bendan said...

LMAO. Okie.. bye!!

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I didn't watch for the part one, wish to watch the first part. =D

benjaminvai said...

Lol yea! same rating!.

haha lolly, i actually have the first movie. :P

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