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Sunday, July 3, 2011

City golf and Aloud Asia!

My HTC DESIRE HD calender rang today to remind me that i have to events up for the day.

First up, The Nuffnang Bloggers Sports Carnival at CityGolf, Bangsar Shopping Centre invites thanks to Nuffnang of course.

Arrive on time to the venue and got in for a look around, the interior was pretty classy and could really be a nice hang out spot if one has the money to do so. 

The virtual golf system, it was my first time playing golf. Susah!

We can choose any club just to get the feel of it.

There is a bar that you can get your drinks.

A pool table

The balcony outside is pretty relaxing as well.

City Golf

Through wooden shelves

You can throw darts as well.This one easier.

The employees are well trained to instruct us.They are very nice .

Nuffnang organized this as a meet up with fellow bloggers in attempts to gather more bloggers to actively participate in the many events that Nuffnang have to offer. 

We had a good time there, eating up the food ( they had to keep refilling), swinging at the screen, throwing darts and poking balls :P . Each of the activities had a sort of a challenge and winners get pretty cool prizes. 

It was a pretty nice chilling session with Isaac/Janice, Tony/Iris, Qian, Henry ( my date), and many more bloggers that were present as well, seem to pretty much get used to it already ^^ so happy! haha. 

Couldn't review the place as it was really nice if it were normal days where there was no event, i can imagine it to be a pretty nice club house to chill. 

Tony/Iris, and I had to leave early as we were going to the next event invited by Melissa which her company was organizing at 6pm. 

Aloud Asia

Organized by McCann Erickson and several partners, being the first of such concert i feel that it is to promote local musicians which is a pretty good motive. (support!). Sher and Elwyn were there when we reached

The banner, pretty good looking actually. ^^

The opening act was performed by Iskan the great, they told us they were a progressive rock band from Subang. Hehe, they really did a good job to get the crowd going and their music is really good, i will definitely remember them!

The second band who performed was Diplomats of drums, A band that i was really impressed with because they were mixing and matching so many types of music into a somewhat rock concept that they produced a unique sound that was catchy and had that Malaysian traditional music to it because they were using some native drums of Malaysia i assume.

Seven Collar T shirt was the third act of the night and they really smack the groove into all of us with some great skills on the instruments, sending a bit of that groove of shake and bake in me *goosebumps* before  i know it i was moving my head to the beat.

K-Town Clan was up next , they were the only none band performer of the night , being a krunk group to start with they experimented with different types of sounds and rock the stage with their great showmanship and upbeat songs.

Last but not least was Bittersweet, a name that many would have heard of their symphony playlist that they made for the night came bashing into our heart and soul like a giant wave and i was drowned in their rock melodies.

Here is the ticket by Melissa

And here is the chop. 

This is the first Aloud Asia and i will be supporting them fully as even though i have been saying i support Malaysian music i have not been listening nor knowing their names but after today's exposure i can be proud to say that i support Malaysian music. So don't miss your next chance to come to Aloud Asia in the near future. 

Summary:  2 events in a day sure drained me up but it started with a chill out session and then to a rock out session, it filled up my saturday pretty much and open my eyes to support local music.

Thanks Nuffnang for the CityGolf invite again.

Thanks Melissa for the tickets to Aloud Asia. 


Unknown said...

cepats nyaaa

should've stayed for the rest of the performances

Isaac Tan said...

Superb. Really effective bro. :)

EeSoon said...

Hi there~~ saw you in City Golf~haha.
your post is up! wow! efficient man!

benjaminvai said...

@tonin yea should have lo. i wanted to spnd u yum cha some more. LOL.

@isaac. thx. but u more pro

@ee soon, did we talk?

EeSoon said...

nope~~ :)

Unknown said...

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