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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Brother Restaurant & Grill, Kota Damansara

On Sunday, after a whole day of moving around, my family and I decided we would dine out and went on hunting for a nice place to eat, my mom is not a fan of hawker foods cause she claims that she can cook better and she does not like the ajinomoto in the food.

I have stayed in Kota Damansara for 5 years but we seldom eat out, thus we usually just visit the local hawker centres. Today we went to The Strand for a new shop to visit, after 15 mins of twisting and turning in The Strand, we decided to go into this western grill shop.

The shop looks like any other western cuisine shop you have been seeing around town, with the dark brown wooden tables and brick coloured walls. It wasn't very crowded as dinner time was just about to started. We looked through the menu and saw that the food were decent enough and proceeded with our orders, mom isn't much of a meat lover so she ordered the house special salad and soup of the day.

Tomato soup of the day~Rm5.90

Big Brother's special salad~RM13.90

The soup tasted very nice, and you get a choice of three soups (chicken and mushroom were the other choices)

The salad had lettuce,cucumber, eggs,ham and slices of chicken top with a creamy sweet soury sauce.

Spicy Dory Fillet Linguint.(Rm17.90)

The portion for this pasta was pretty pig and it had a piece of dory fillet alongside it, it is a spicy dish and has a slight tomato taste just like bolognese sauce.

The Big Brother Combo Grill set. (RM28.90)

Probably the signature dish, It has 3 types of meat, lamb,chicken and dory, each of these meat is of reasonable size, which means they were not sized down to save cost, sided with french fries, some vegetables and a coleslaw, the chicken chop was grilled very nicely as if remained succulent and was marinated well, the lamb chop was grilled crisp and the inner meat was well done however the dory fillet was just normal but it was still freshly fried.

We didn't had any drinks as we thought we would save a bit of cost, the drink prices are range about RM4.90 - RM 15.90.

We had a good time there and was very satisfied with the food and we were served quite well as the waiter that waited for us was very polite and clear, although when i checked up the reviews for this place later on , i was surprised to find that many were saying that they have bad service.

Keep in mind that some of the dishes require some preparation time and it is stated in the menu, some even up to 30 mins.
Hope they can improve on that.

I will definitely come back here when i have the time.

Name:                          Big Brother Restaurant & Grill

Location:                      Kota DamansaraPetaling JayaSelangor
No. 3G, 3-1, Jalan 5/20, 
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damasara,
PJU5, 47810, Selangor

Cuisine:                        Western,Asian

Food:                           Variation of chicken,seafood,lamb and steak, Pasta, different salads and appetizers.

Price:                            RM12.90-RM30.90. Big Portion, small eaters can share.                 

Contact                         03 6142 7678
Business Hour:               10am to 11pm


Koh Kian Fai said...

wow not cheap :( and I do hope it would be taste great hehe

benjaminvai said...

It's ok to eat here once in awhile.

They do have set lunch for RM12.90 but i m not sure about that.

Western style+ kota damasara Strand, sure heavy priced a bit de. XD

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