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Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Beginning.


This is an egg, a very colorful wan.
It represents birth and we have no idea whats in it.
But I will nurture it. 
This is my new blog domain.
And i need feedbacks from everyone.

What you don like about it.
Let me know.
It's all for the future of where this blog is headed.

Thanks to all who have supported me so far.
You know who you are.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MTV world stage 2011 Malaysia

After the Incubus concert, I had tickets to yet another rock out event on Sunday.

The MTV world stage tickets i have won from Twisties Band Hero Party 2 weeks back.

Girlfriend was back for MTV world stage and both of us were ready to rock.

Isaac,Janice,Elwyn,Qian,Tony,Iris,Mel, Tong sheng, Ken Wooi were also there but we some how got separated due to the difference in pass type.

Arrive bout 5 and the place was already kinda swamped, and for those who didn't know, the venue is at I-city, Shah Alam.

MTV world stage is being held every year at different places and was shoot to be a TV concert sensation and will be showing 8/8/2011 on channel 713 astro.

The line was pretty long but it moved quite fast. They performed spot checks as cameras and video recorders were not allowed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hangover 2


Movie in a glimpse
The wolfpack is back and now Stu is getting married, this time things get ugly in Bangkok , Foreigners in a foreign country got hungover and can’t remember anything that has happened the night before, a story so strangely familiar.


My talk:
I love the first movie, and even though the story the plot is the same I still love it because the characters are so lovable besides Mr. Ken Jeong who is just annoying.

Shifting the scene from Las Vegas to Bangkok, the events of the previous movie still fresh in Stu’s mind especially even with all the precautions taken they miscalculated genius Alan’s unpredictability and got screwed up once again.

The only difference this time, the groom is the one moving about trying to make up for *lost time*.

Even though some of the jokes are pretty lame and not funny, there were still moment that you will think how seriously messed up things can actually get.

Watch it and just let it take you on a ride once again with the wolfpack.

Stamped and mailed

With a cast that portrays a group of different characters shows just how it is when a group of good friends take care of situation based on their own personality, the cast did just that. A group of screwed up friends getting screwed.

The movie is much better if you have watched the first one, you just need to stop comparing, the same thing happen but it’s in a different land now, and when u bring foreign idiots to a foreign place the results are pretty crazy.

I didn’t like how they make Bangkok seem like the worst place on earth though.

This movie is for teens and young adults who just wanna see people get beat up and shit, Vulgarity and sexual violence is expected so keep the Children safe.

Special notes:
The Credits was pretty awesome, they followed the same style as the previous movie.
And Stu’s wife played by Jamie Chung is super hot. ^^

They censored Chow smoking cocaine and some sexual scenes plus a bit of the pictures at the end just so you know but all was good.

And for the haters.
The movie was not intended to have a fresh plot, if it was a fresh plot den it would not be named hang over anymore. Same plot Same ending, Different shit. 

"Like you would have guessed where the brother in law was in the first place"

Better Better movie reviews:
Coming Soon

Rating: 3/5

Movie screening thanks to Nuffnang MY

Monday, July 25, 2011

Incubus Live In KL 2011

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Can't help it, i was so excited when I found out i actually won the tickets to watch Incubus live in KL, a band that was there when i grew up, and i grew up listening to them. The classics were melodies to my soul.

So i went to pick up the tickets at the Nuffnang office one day before the concert during lunch with Tony who drove me to the pick up point.

Curious to know how i got it? here is a link to my winning post.

When the time come, i went to meet up with Tony and we set off to Stadium Negara where local band Rosevelt and Incubus will be rocking the stages. 

It didn't take long for us to reach as traffic was okay, and we parked slight further from the venue to avoid the after concert jams. So we walked to the stadium and got in line to wait for the gates to open.

whats a concert without a waiting line

We waited close to an hour before they actually let us in, usual inspections were conducted to ensure people don't get splashed or injured with water bottles and stuff. 

What you do when u get it, u take the piss or the shit. (we went toilet)

We were early so we got to get to the middle of the crowd even though the front was already packed (it's nice to be tall) we could see the stage clearly but the only annoying thing was this group of kids in front clearly did not understand what manners were, going in and out of their space as if everyone else was invisible. 

What got me more pissed off was that people started smoking after all, its a freaking 2 hour+ concert, you can't even wait for it to end pretty weak will and pathetic move in my opinion.

The fly Fm djs came out to rev up the crowded for a great evening and the opening act was performed by Rosevelt a great local band.

Rosevelt made the crowd go wild with their last song "politicS" 

As the crowd cheered on for Incubus to come up on the stage, as i ready myself for a lot of shoving pushing and jumping around.


There was never a time which i could stand still at the beginning cause everyone rocked so hard we were shoving left to right and back again.

The events that took place after the beginning was just rocking and more rocking. They sang a number their hits and songs from their latest album, they performed with great showmanship and the hype was crazy and hot.

Freaking amazing time i had,there was this kid who lighted his fag during one of the song and was pissed , snatched the fag out of his hand and dumped it to the floor.He stared at me and i stared back , i also notice many were staring at him as well, stupid kid.

As the crowd disperse, the electrifying moment i experience were still tingling in my veins. It took us a while to get out of the place though.

Thanks again to Nuffnang and Tunetalk for the tickets to awesome Incubus!

The photos were taken from my HTC DESIRE HD, full zoom and still looks pretty clear, such an awesome phone. 

From another's point of view:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight Review


Movie in a glimpse
If you had a chance to do the things that you have missed out in high school, would you do it or would you just think of it as something stupid and should not be done anymore, this is a movie about a night where few friends decide to finally to start where they did not start.

My talk:
The actors that were cast for this movie are pretty basic, they were not star class actors or actresses but had experience in teen movies most of the time, although they were a bit old to portray the characters now, they did try their best.

The whole plot is very typical, it’s a basic regret what you have not done in high school kinda thing and I am sure many people more or less will find themselves somewhat related to some of things that is being presented in the movie, the only problem was that it was a bit unreal. There are so many things that they would not have got away with if it was in real life but it is a representation of some of the things we might not have done when we were younger but the true question is probably.

“Would you have given yourself another chance if it’s in front of you now?’

Stamped and mailed
A pretty simple movie following the plot of many movies before that show teens having trouble or getting second chances to do the things they regret didn’t do.

It would probably relate to many young adults from the 80s generation so it’s a movie that is probably like an equivalent to the book “chicken soup for the teenage soul”


Special notes:
There are times when I just lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling, right before I fall asleep there are times when I see the things I have gone through in life and there are bound to be things you wished you had done and didn’t do but in reality~ isn’t it better to look into the past and just tell yourself-

“Hei! Don wry I am doing my best to make the best out of my life so don’t feel bad about yourself in the past ya?

Better Better movie reviews:

Rating: 2/5

Premiere screening thanks to ChurpChurp

Monday, July 18, 2011

True Discovery: A Reptile exploration.

I have always been an animal lover, and animals fascinate me.

Even now i always want to go zoo though people say it's boring but my girl will ikut wan cause she likes em too.

So we arrived at True Discovery, a place located at I city Shah Alam where they have in their care a great variety of reptiles for you to see and be amazed.

They have a lot of huge reptiles such as this awesome medium-sized iguana.

I am calling this guy "Bruno"

Then we have different sorts of weird looking frogs ( i am scared of them )

I call this fella Jimbo
Moving on from Jimbo the real life emoticon, we proceeded in seeing snakes and lizards who in my opinion looks really cool and stylish. Check some of these guys out man.

These guys are fast and probably the length of 2 index fingers.

This is Robert, he think he is damn awesome hanging there.

Jerry likes to look at red lights.

Yes, Jeremy is sleeping. Shhhh

Suzy is camera shy guys.

Samantha is actually undressing, it's a rare sight, and we were lucky enough to witness it.
There was also a monkey, the worlds second smallest monkey.

Meet St. Gabriel
There were also birds of a few sorts that were friendly enough to kiss you . ^^ . very cute birds. 

From left, Suanie(LOL, real name i think), Idiot (yes , he really looks like an idiot), Sunshine,  fork and spoon.

and also the awesome people who showed us around the amazing place.

Awesome people!

True Discovery is located at 
I-City K02-1 Block K, I-City Section 7

For more info visit their website

Or facebook page:

The admission fee is about RM36 for 2 pax and pictures with snakes or birds.

But MilkADeal will be coming with an exclusive promotion so stay tune.

My point of view: 

The place is really nice and serene for the animals and the workers are really well trained and pleasant, it's really a great experience for friends and family alike and definitely worth the trip.

The place is also on the same row as the Laser Warzone; Laser tag arena which i went earlier.

*all names were given by me and are in no relation with their real name. cheers.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Laser Warzone I City, a zapping experience!


Paintball i have played a dozen of times.
Archery i probably hit a few bull eyes too.
Counter Strike no need to say la.
Darts oso try before.

Today i went to play LASER TAG!!!

Laser tag~ a sport where u wear a vest with shiny sensor lights armed with a electronic plastic plasma gun which you sometime see it's pirated brother at the pasar malam.

The Objective~you are put into a room with people wearing the same equipment as you, the room is dark but still visible and you are to shoot laser at each other, one hit at those shiny sensors and you are tagged. Revival time is 4 secs then you can shoot at it.

Conclusion~ It was freaking awesome!!(!!!!!!!!!!)

As part of a blogger invitation event, Laser warzone and MilkADeal invited bloggers to try out their 2 months old Laser Tag arena located at I city, Shah Alam.

The result~ a pew pew pew of good times and awesome laughter.

Event officially started about 10.45 am as the bloggers were ushered into the lounge where food and drinks were privated to fill their tummy ( careful not to deposit so much ^ ^)


They have a Tv in the lounge that shows movies too, and after we got our tummies filled we were told to seperate into groups and wait for the next order. Then we were asked to be briefed in the briefing room, the attendant told us how the rules and the guns work and soon we were all excited. The first round was gonna be a free for all, imagine that! 25+++ freaking people in one arena. Shooting like there is no tomorrow.

We were escorted into the armory room where we SUIT UP! 

Armory,Briefing and Score board

While we rushed into the arena to find cover, 2 giant tv outside shows live feed videos of us and a scoreboard showing the scores. 

When the music starts, it's time to dance! 

One of the coolest thing in the laser tag is that the beams of laser shot from the Gun is 100% visible so you can actually where the lasers are coming from and when you hit someone their vest goes white and you feel pretty good about yourself.

Everyone was moving everywhere, hiding behind walls and secret rooms, staying close to corners and barrels. 

IT WAS A FREAKING WARZONE, no pain no worries just shoot and get good scores, you don't really have to run but you would have to be fast to react.

We played a league tournament after the free for all session.

The teams were:
SkyOptic (Runner-up)
MAD (Did well)
Crusher (Champions!)
XYZ (Pretty Amazing)

At the end of it the points were very close so everyone is a winner to everyone else right? HEHE


The Laser Warzone team even prepared medals and a trophy for the winning team talk about awesome hospitality!

Champion and best comeback of the year!

They even printed MilkADeal on it, awesome people

The trophy!

So everyone had a freaking great time! smiles on their faces as they left the place and of course already planning to comeback again for more pew pew pew action!

Group photo taken from

Laser warzone also host parties and events and they can be contacted with the details below, when we there 2 groups of children were having birthday party and they get to play laser tag too thats just awesome better then just going Mcd and sit on slides ya?

Telephone: 03-5521-8775
Fax: 03-5521-8776

Unit K-14-1, Jalan Multimedia 7/AH,Citypark, I-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

My Point Of View: 

I really love how these guys showed us a really good time, they were very helpful, freaking cheerful and fun to be guided by them. The place is very nice and they are planning to expand even bigger so keep supporting them. It's a freaking nice experience.

There is also a really cool reptile enclosure on the same row of as Laser Warzone, which i went to visit later on. Check out my post of the place here.

Also checkout other blogs on Laser Warzone:

MilkADeal will be having a deal with Laser Warzone soon, will update you when it's on!

Bon Odori 2011

Obon (お盆?) or just Bon (?) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one's ancestors. This Buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors' graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori. (wikipedia)

Every year Malaysia practices their own Bon Odori Festival in places such as Selangor and Penang, whilst many come to see this honorable festival, i have never been to one considering how much of a pro-Jap guy I claim myself to be but all this changed as i got a chance to visit Bon Odori 2011. 

While many are off to Urbanscape and a little even up at G tower, i headed out to Bon Odori with my lovely girlfriend Tham Hui Min who came back from Kampar to teman me since she has been there before, we headed to the venue about 6pm and it was already packed and we had to park about 4 KM away and walk to the Matsushit Sports Centre. The walk was quite tiring but as soon as reached the area (despite many of friends claiming it to be boring and waste of time) I was very shocked to see such a huge amount of crowd!

Maybe it's just my first time and also I too feel that maybe the whole concept of Bon Odori is not reached to many of the people there but it was still very nice to see families bringing young and old here, there were stalls set up selling food and drinks at a higher price ( quite normal la) but the most important thing that should be aware of is the cultural dance that was performed in the center stage as the presenter urge the crowd to follow the steps that was performed by those on stage if was quite nice to be able to be a part of it as I too dance and of course it was for the honor of past ancestors.

Pictures above not so clear, too busy doing the cultural dance, I had a great experience with it and although the crowd was really quite huge and it was really packed but i kinda felt nice being a part of it. I will come back every year if possible just to participate in the dance. 

The theme for this year was " Arigatou Malaysia" as a token of gratitude of the help and support Malaysians have given the Japan community during the Earthquake few months back. 

That's my girl~ 
Nitez peeps. pew pew pew tmrw!

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