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Friday, June 3, 2011

X Men: First Class


Movie in a glimpse
I think X-men needs no introduction anymore, its become more and more main stream with the inception of the 3 X-men movie franchise plus X-men: origins.. Well X men: First class tells the tales of which the very first time when the mutants have been exposed to the real world, following the meeting of the great Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier(Professor X) as they fight to prevent a world war 3 planned out by a common villain at that time,Sebastian Shaw the leader of the Hellfire Club bent on taking over the world.

My talk:
I’ve seen all installation of the X-men franchise and have a moderate fan of X-men with gambit as my favorite, I liked the first X-men movie because it was fresh and new, then it got a bit tedious to follow up as it ultimately lead to X-men 3 and the end of the whole movie franchise, later on they took up to make the movie about wolverine and then First class. It’s pretty similar to what star wars did with its 6 movies. First class gave a new fresh look at the X-men movie franchise with new mutants that were not mainstream but if you look closely they possess similar powers to the present X-men, the visuals in this movie was very much enhanced and was quite enjoyable to watch, and the story would attract everyone to watch back the first 4 movies just to catch up,

Stamped and mailed
I quite like how it would later linked to everything the movie franchise has already done and it was quite entertaining to watch some new powers being displayed, although they killed the one I liked the most in the movie (I think they couldn’t think how he could fight) so lame la they all. All in all its quite ok and it’s a go if ya wanna pay to watch it in the cinema, watch it with more friends, watch it friends who hasn’t watch any X-men yet, this is the movie u can be sure to interest him in them

Special notes:
Yes, as expected hugh jackman also made a cameo here and it was quite fun to see him out this time that 5 secs made me laugh out loud.

Try to recognize the young mutants that Xavier saw through his first scan with Cerebro u might see some familiar people

AND IF ANY OF YOU STAYED BACK AT THE CINEMA AND SAW THE SECRET SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS LET ME KNOW. Cause I watched it at midnight and they shut it off halfway or maybe don have but do let me know.

Is this the rumored Magneto origins? Or are they making another one for his brotherhood of mutants.


Unknown said...

3/5 only? hmmm... overrated perhaps?

benjaminvai said...

its really a great movie, bringsd everything back up to par, but i there were certain overlapse with X men origins and X men 1,2,3.but i couldnt pin point it though but something was off unless its a reboot, and its a must watch considering the absence of any worthy movie for the week.

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