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Sunday, June 19, 2011

When shit happens~

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Came across this really powerful comic page. I am not sure where is it from but if anyone knows where it's from do let me know so i can credit it properly.

Could it be clearer than this?

Sometimes problems occur at the worst possible time and most of the time we take our time panicking and blaming each and every other thing we see. 

Be it the cat next door or your phone and so on. Sometimes when bad things happen it's up to u to decide how you will face it. Headstrong or run into hiding, what ever happens one shouldn't panic but think of the things you can do and hit that problem out of the park.

There is always something to inspire and to motivate you, look for it and keep it close to your heart and always learn to look for it when ure feeling down and melting away.

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