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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super 8


Movie in a glimpse
A train Crash,  military running around, missing people, weird events, a boy and his friends filming happened in a small town these series of incidents were the primary concern of the sheriff in town as well as the growing fear with its citizens. A tale of many aspects and emotions

My talk:
From the looks of the trailer and the producer director combination we saw, it is safe to say I already guessed what was inside the train, but I had no idea how it looked like and how it would behave, I  think that the young actors in the movie were actually quite good.. Although the story seemed rather familiar , the explosion of the accident  were done quite nicely, and I dunno whether it was because the sound system at klcc tgv hall 1 is good or did the production team really got into making the sounds effects very good.
The movie was not wat i expected when u put in something of a creature, but the movie was actually NOT about it . It tells a tale that is very different from what many would expect.

Stamped and mailed
Packed with many incidents and action, the movie has become something like a mainstream movie that was not intended to be main stream, there were several emotional moments in the movie which were quite nice to watch the scenes. It’s a good excitement for the whole family and it did bring in good direction and production to further spice up the movie. Although it got predictable at certain parts and it was something Abrams and Sebastian collaborated di di The movie is a must watch for those planning for a movie this weekend.
A feel good movie of a different genre, family movie in disguise.If u ask me how was it, it was pretty good and nice

Special notes:
The movie was called super 8, do some research and realize why the title is so, it’s actually pretty simple.

During the last scene of the movie. U could see the bicycle that was used in E.T. by spielberg.

Better Better movie reviews

Rating: 3.5/5


Met a lot of new people, u guys are great, u noe who u are if ure reading this post haha. see u guys more and soon! A great new beginning and a great movie to be served with it


Isaac Tan said...

Nice meeting you bro, and may there be loads of more screenings for you :)

and thanks for linking me up. You're cool ;)

Unknown said...

cherry popped!

benjaminvai said...

Lol , Yeap , and its addictive tony

See u soon Isaac

Unknown said...

Yo, thanks for inviting me to watch with you!

Qi Wen said...

Nice meeting you! :D Thanks for mentioning in your blog. Hope to see you again!

Unknown said...

YER... It's my first time too lohh...but didnt get to talk to u guys....xP next time must say hi to me ya... haha! You all booys mahh.... im shy...>.<

Koh Kian Fai said...

LOL not bad :) I would like to watch this for 2nd time for sure! If i got time hehe

soulesscloudy said...

nice Super 8 that bring cool blogger together... great yeah...

But i also didn't get a chance to meet anyone.. hehehe...

T said...

wahaha! didn't expect to be mentioned. thank you anyway. hahahaha.

benjaminvai said...

@supia no prob, wouldnt want to waste a ticket ma

@qi wen, nice to meet ya too.

@euniceee got girl wan ma. boys scary meh?

@kian fai dude, must watch with perfect sound system oso. all the droom droom droom and explosion

@soulesscloudy. u will soon enough

@tyng . mention a bit wont hurt de. LoL

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