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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our World, Their War

Secret transmission connected

Listen to me carefully, i am reporting from within enemy grounds

A war that has been going on light years away, is now brought on to dear mother earth as if pollution is not enough to threaten this beautiful planet. The Decepticons a breed of robotic sentient creatures have set foot on these planet planning to destroy and Conquer.

An elite team of all that is good,the Autobots arrived in time to stop their reign of terror time after time but now their biggest threat is in plain sight, the Decepticons are bringing in everything they have for the final showdown and war between two great power with the earthlings in the middle.

At this point of time , in the most crucial point of war i will take the side of the Autobots.

Based on my intelligence report, the decepticons have a few fatal weakness that could only be exploited by me.

1. They are big and slow

2. They are a great big army but only a few would have the smarts of combat intelligence

3.They bring in big war ships and giant metalic creatures that are easy to be seen and focus fire upon

4.They leader Megatron has never been to able to take down my boss in any given generation or time

5.There seems to be a power struggle within and this will be the main point of their weakness

Who am i u may ask to generate such an extensive report, only some one fast and swift would be able to do such a dangerous and stealthy job.

Trained in all cybertronian martial arts, I am the fighter of agility and speed, with my twin cybertanium blades and a nifty gun on my back. i excel in both close combat and long range attacks. my sleek movements allows to go deep within the decepticons massive machines and slide and dice em from the inside, limiting the amount of innocent civilians being caught in the war.

Besides my amazing combat abilities i have one other item in my inventory that allows me to access all the main frame data of the decepticons.


With this card, i plan my routes and data to infiltrate and take down the decepticons once and for all.

i serve Optimus Prime , the great leader of the autobots and he is freaking cool. Megatron nv stood a chance against him.
My Boss
how much more awesome can u be right?
My transmission needs to end now, my position will be compromise if i continue. 

Listen carefully, i will take them down from the inside let Optimus and the others know when the giant machines fall, it is time for a full out strike and give them all u got

SIDESWIPE OUT..........tranmission end.


Qi Wen said...

woots, the spirit of Autobots! Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually Megatron did take down Optimus Prime for alot of times in different generations/series.

Take a look at Beast Wars, Optimus Prime died there. After that he got revived back... TWICE!

benjaminvai said...

haha. but optimus is still up and running after dat. haha actually its a stand still la.

good vs evil. u win some u lose some. haha if not no story liao. thx for the heads up

benjaminvai said...

thx qi wen

Koh Kian Fai said...

good luck, if no partner can drag me yah :P hahaha

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